What men should know about their hair clippers?

How to choose the right type of men’s hair clippers? What hairstyle machines differ with? Read the information below to learn more facts about different hair clippers and make a beautiful haircut at home!

men's haircut clippers

Nowadays the set of men's haircut clippers is presented at the market. They differ with price, class (household and professional), technical characteristics and producers. We have tried to understand why one men's clipper haircut is better or worse than others. Answers on the most popular questions and information, which will help to make a right choice, are presented in this article.

Men's electric hair clippers are divided on the principle of operation of the engine – on rotor, vibration and accumulator. Now let's speak about each type more detailed.

  • Vibration mens hair clippers set is cheaper, but functioning of the engine in such models is ensured by electromagnetic coil putting edges in action.

Having heard click at start, don't be frightened that you have got rejected thing. This sound means that the lever of motor has come into action, and the machine is ready to work. Vibration clippers are the most budgetary option. Therefore, they have several shortcomings. Power is only from 9 to 15 watts. Besides, machines make a lot of noise and are characterized with increased vibration level.

men's clipper haircut

Vibration models on average continuously work from 10 to 20 minutes. Then the machine is automatically switched off. For this reason, people buy vibration hair clippers for private use more often. Hairdressers choose them rather seldom.

Almost all models of this type are equipped with edges, which can't be removed. It complicates process of cleaning. However, there are pleasant exceptions, for example Philips men's hair clippers. There is a system of fast and easy replacement of edges. By the way, from all vibration machines people tell about these models as the best. As they are included in professional series, noise level and vibrations is reduced here.

  • Functioning of rotor machines is ensured with the motor. Rotor models are considered the most qualitative and expensive. Powerful engine (from 20 to 45 watts) allows them to work continuously for a long time. As machines are intended on big loadings, they are ideally suited for professional use.

The fact that almost all rotor models are supplied with cooling element is important. Therefore, they practically don't heat up. Existence of cooling system of the engine allows to work without interruption over an hour. Besides, noise and vibration in such models are at the minimum level. However, rotor hair clippers weight much. It is their main shortcoming. Huge choice of various replaceable edges is offered for rotor models. Among such variety, there are edges for figured hairstyle. Machines of rotor type allow cutting even thick and hard hair. Also they are considered the most durable. First of all it is worth allocating Remington men's hair clippers. Their power is 45 Watts.

Men's electric hair clippers

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  • Accumulator hair clippers are characterized with the smallest noise level. They also have small weight. Mainly these models are used for fringing the hair. Motor power is 12 watt on average. Contrary to the name, almost all machines of this type can work both from the accumulator and from electricity. Besides, they are equipped with edges, which can be easily replaced. Simplicity of change of nozzles is indisputable plus, isn't it?

It is necessary to remember that memory is typical for many accumulators, so it is recommended completely to discharge and then to charge the accumulator several times at the beginning of use of the new machine. Subsequently for maintenance of power level, it is desirable to repeat the same procedure at least once in a month.

Philips men's hair clippers

  • One of the major criteria is a material of edges. If you still think of acquisition of the machine for hairstyle from a mass-market, it is still possible to meet models with metal edges there. However, preferable material is a stainless steel.
  • On way of power supply, hair clippers are divided into three types: electric, accumulator and accumulator with electric. Most of users give preference to combined models. There is no wonder. If the accumulator is discharged, it is possible to continue haircut, having immediately connected to electric socket.
  • Also the frequency of movement of edges is important for optimum choice. Hairstyle speed depends on it. If you already have an experience with hair clippers, it is the best of all to get model with high frequency of the movement of edges (about 20 watts and higher). For people who aren’t confident in their own skill, it is more preferable to choose model with average speed 9-12 watts. Machines having lower speed cannot manage with thick and hard hair.
  • Remember that length of hair depends on nozzles. Most often masters use nozzles of 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm. The more nozzles are – the better.

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