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If we discover a habitable planet like the earth, where would you like to live?

This planet will have every natural things, birds, plants, trees, flowers, beautiful animals, water, oxygen, fruits and more....

No artificial or engineered element will be allowed to go there, which will include, soft drinks, beer, big houses, industries and more.Where would you live? Remember that if you choose to live in the planet, u will loose all that earth has to offer like cell phones, games etc. Where would you live?

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What Are You Putting On Right Now?

What are you all putting on now?

Right now, I am putting on an'

Authentic D-3 JNS Engineer jean trouser with no shirt on.

Maybe next time I'll put on a shirt.

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Who Said Engineering Is Not For Ladies?

Who Said Engineering Is Not A Ladies Line?

hey y'all,

am an engineering student to be precise, am studying electronics engineering,,,

and i have been hearing a lot about engineering not been a ladies line, men only, which i don't buy.

so far i have been enjoying the course, though its not easy, "notin good comes easy", and if it were to be an easy pissy thing, u wuld find every cat and dog on the street going for it,

want to know what u think,

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