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Bride Price/dowry, Do You Support Or Oppose It?

On this controverisal topic, Bride price should be abolished since there shouldn't be a price tag on a human being. My opponent argued that modernism should not replace our dear (?) tradition, and so on, we argued back and forth with each side presenting some convincing views on either to abolish or retain this custom. I am of the view that the bride price is primitive, it stiffles a woman's place in her matrimonial home and thereby has no place in today's world. It is akin to auctioning your child to the highest bidder. Surprisingly, one of the ladies told me that it is not a must that one has to pay for the required sum, but it can be haggled, but now, I wonder, must women be reduced to the status of a commodity to be haggled for (like you would for a price of nintendo at Aba Market  Wink )just so that the 'right' sum of money could be paid to the parents. Then another lady asked me, "Nna, you wan marry woman for free"? And I retorted, "Sure, I could pay the price, but I would expect her to fulfil the traditional obligations required of her in the matrimonial home and concluded that I wont entertain her views  that "this is the 21st century, honey, get with the flow".

A family friend of my cousin, an MD recently got married to a Pastor in Nigeria. What should have been a happy occasion was sort of tempered by the attitude of the bride's mother, because her new son in law is a pastor. Is it any wonder that the teaching profession is not a desirable position in Nigeria. But there is a catch towards this trend. Occasionally, when marital dispute arises, the man might taunt his wife, "Upon the money that I paid on your head, yet, you can't prepare a decent meal for me". An insult to the status of the madam of the house and a step backwards to the primitive days when women had no say in the society. Would you agree with me that the woman's role in the kitchen was already cemented when the man had paid her dowry so that she would clean, cook and take care of him?

Men and women, abi, Ladies and Gentlemen, what are your views on this subject?

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