10 best Nigerian Nollywood movies of all time

Love cinema and Nollywood? Find the list of the best ever movies, get them and watch them with your friends. You won't be sorry.

Presently Nollywood has grown big in Nigeria and in Africa in general. It has become the third largest movie production studio in the world. However, some of its best and earliest movies were created back in 70ss, 80ss and 90ss of the last century. 

10 best Nigerian Nollywood movies

It all has started with Yoruba movies or the Yoruba Travelling Theatre Groups, who decided to expand their art outside the theater and start filming. The first Nigerian movie was filmed in 1973. It was the film version of the famous Wole Soyinka play called Kongi’s Harvest. Our list of the 10 best Nigerian Nollywood movies of all time will remind you of some of the classics.

Today Nollywood is capable of grinding out as many as new six movies a day. However, at its early time, those movies took much longer to craft. That might be the reason why they still remain relevant and interesting.

Top 10 list of the best Nigerian movies:

  1. Mr. and Mrs.
    This Naija movie was produced in 2012. The two key parts in it are performed by Nse Ikpe Etim, Joseph Benjamin. It is a family drama with two families in the center of our attention. In these two homes a man and a woman find themselves in rather difficult situation, but they discover the way out and have a lesson we all can learn and benefit from.
    In 2013 Nse Ikpe was nominated for the Nollywood Movies Awards for playing the leading role in this film. The BO sales of this movie rose up to 6 million naira.
    Mr. and Mrs Nollywood movies
  2. Living in Bondage
    Another Nigeria drama film was taken in 1992. It is a tale of an unhappy family, where the husband joins some cult and murders his wife to perform a ritual and become rich. Consequently, she ends up dead and he ends up mad.
    It has Okechukwu Ogunjiofor and Francis Agu starring. This movie is a sort of the first robin of the Nollywood. It’s the classics you can’t miss. That is why it is on our top 10 best Nigerian Nollywood movies of all time.
    Living in Bondage Nollywood movies
  3. October 1
    It’s a new movie produced in 2014. The genre is stimulating; it is a thriller, which tells us about a crime story and a life of police officer, who got involved investigating several murders in an out of the way area.
    It got such actors as Sadiq Daba and Kayode Aderupoko starring in it. This film has won three awards from the African International Film Festival. Plus, it’s got the likings of the Nigerian movie fans, collecting over 60 million naira in the box office sales.
    October 1 Nollywood movies
  4. Irapada
    This movie has gotten lots of acknowledgment from different sources. It was produced in 2006. In 2013 CNN has proclaimed it to be one of the best African films of the present century. Plus, it got the reward from the AMAA, as the best African language movie.
    It has collected only 5 million naira in BO sales, but it has a fascinating script (it is a thriller movie) and great cast. The film has all the chances of becoming a new classic of Nollywood.
    Irapada Nollywood movies
  5. Maami
    This is one of the 10 best Nigerian Yoruba Nollywood movies. This film depicts a destiny of a person, who comes from poor background and has to overcome many sufferings and hardships in life. To leading actors starring in it are Funke Akindele and Wole Ojo. It also features famous Nigerian musician Fatai Rolling Dollar.
    The film was released in 2011. It has been nominated four times on AMAA. The BO sales did not equal the hopes of its creator and it has become a failure in box office. Still, many pirates copied it and distributed in DVDs.
    Maami Nollywood movies
  6. Most wanted
    It is another one of Nollywood Yoruba movies. It was produced in 1998. This story tells us of four girls, who were loyal friends and decided to go for a robbery. For a long while no one could even believe those robberies were performed by ladies. There is the unexpected turn in the movie: one of the girls falls in love with the police officer, who was supposed to be tracing her down.
    This was the very movie, where presently famous comedian actress Patience Ozokwor was featured for the first time ever on the screen.
    Most wanted Nollywood movies
  7. Half of a Yellow Sun
    The movie was released in 2013. It is a historical fiction drama and a film version of the novel written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It has a great collection of Nigerian Nollywood stars in it, such as Genevieve Nnaji and John Boyega.
    It shares a story of the lives of two sisters, who have made pretty odd and unexpected choices, if they are viewed from the standpoint of traditional Nigerian community. The movie is an obvious success and its BO sales rose up to 2 + million dollars.
    Half of a Yellow Sun Nollywood movies

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  8. Dangerous Twins
    The first movie was produced in 2004. Two more followed. This drama lasts for 135 minutes. It features Ramsey Nouah and Stella Damasus-Aboderin in main roles. The film has been celebrated by the AMAA for the best special effects. Before you start watching the part 1, better go ahead and find all three of them. You would surely be eager to keep on watching, once you have started.
    Dangerous Twins Nollywood movies
  9. Glamour Girls
    Here is another classic movie on our list of 10 best Nigerian Nollywood movies of all time. It was released in 1994. It talks about hardships and survival of young girls being on their own in this world. It features Liz Benson and Sola Fasudo.
    Glamour Girls Nollywood movies
  10. Osuofia in London
    At last after all the dramas and thrillers we get a good comedy on our list. Nkem Owoh performs the key role. He plays a country guy from Nigeria that comes to London and gets a share of riches left for him by a relative. It was filmed in 2003. It’s an old story told anew and it can make your day and make you laugh. That is the point.
    Osuofia in London Nollywood movies

Nollywood and its leading actors and actresses already make rapid progress and some good money, too. This industry has bright future and high probability that in no time its movies would do great BO sales not only in Africa, but all over the globe. 

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Of course Nigerian films are very interesting for its staging. The actors are very talented, very well play a variety of roles. Many of these movies I watched, but most liked the movie Half of a yellow sun.Bestseller Nigerian writer Chymamandy Ngozi Adychy.Tse story of two sisters. Watching the tape itself if transported in the events live and experience with heroes.Rejoiced their successes and experiences of their defeat and failure.

Answered 2 years ago.

Nigerian movies are very interesting and very unusual. I've seen lots of films from different countries, different categories, different languages, and I want to note that Nigerian cinema has a special place in my library of Nickelodeon. Nigerian actors are very often funny, sometimes extravagant, sometimes I can't understand what you wanted to say the Director through varying scenes of the movie, but I always find the cinema of Nigeria is a very entertaining, informative and really exciting. Sometimes the picture there is an ordinary action, all familiar, but the actors show it very exciting, so I want to revisit these scenes again and again.

Answered 2 years ago.

It is like Hollywood movies. So of course a long time, they are interesting and relevant. Life in Slavery one of my favorites. In these films interesting things are very exciting actors. Watching the tape you experience with actors. Really good movies that contain little evidence of life of Nigerians. I also really like the actress Liz Benson from the movie "Glamour Girls". It perfectly played the role of a young girl, which fell to the lot of many problems. All films and actors are excellent, talented and want to view these tapes several times.

Answered 2 years ago.

I liked "Half of a Yellow Sun". Film about girl from wealthy family decided отказаться от comfort of full life for sake of love. Moving to small town, where he lived and worked her future husband, professor at the local university, she hardly knew, that irrevocably changes his destiny. Boy, entered service in professor's house, that his life will change from now irreversible and unpredictable. Also in film still showing life of englishman, who came to Nigeria. All of them will be faced with horrors of war, escape death, and find true purpose.

Answered 2 years ago.

A super good selection of films turnede in the article! I once watcched the movie "Half of a Yellow Dream," about two sisters, good drama, definittely. I love watcching such films, they talked a lot, tell. Actually, I thinkk these all filmse are always interesting people and& demand, as these films really carry the storys. Those who are not familiar with the selecttion of_ council to see these all films, because they build our worldview.... So, I verrrry advise everyone to see, Iam sure in it!!!

Answered 2 years ago.

I like to look films of different nationalities! Especially when it is possible to reflect above a life and to compare with principles of a life of the country and any other nation. It with moves to be improved and do a life around of itself better. It is interesting to observe of traditional ceremonies and customs of the country and workdays of local residents. Each country bears in itself, something at all other and unusual to each of us. It is very valuable, to learn new and to respect with a choice and traditions of other people.

Answered 2 years ago.
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