2face Idibia: what has he done to help people recover over Fulani herdsmen attack?

What did 2baba do to help people in Agatu after Fulani herdsmen attack? Learn now.

Fulani herdsmen have created real havoc and drama in Nigeria. Some people call them the new Boko Haram. They are well armed and they attack villages and small settlings, kill people and destroy their houses. 2face Idibia, Nigerian famous singer also known as Innocent Ujah Idibia does everything he can to help the survivors.


How large is 2baba donation?

After the latest herdsmen attacks 2face Idibia stated that he would donate half a million naira of his own funds and those of his relative Austine Garuba Ahmedu. This money would go the families in Agatu area where the latest Benue state attack has taken place.

fulani herdsmen attack

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Despite the conflict two men had in the past (2baba accused the Blackface of not paying him royalties) they met together and came up with a plan to help people. Moreover, Innocent Idibia made a speech before his concert and called all the authorities to take up responsibility and stop the killing of people in Idoma.

2face idibia

He also thanked everyone who did something to help people in Agatu to recover and restore their lives back to normal. Hopefully, government can take control over Fulani herdsmen and prevent their attacks in the future.


This man really deserves a lot of respect for those people who care and namagayutmsya to help and save others, should be given a large bias. Well done, that was not afraid, and protects people. This monsters that are destroying villages and all that live in it, they are the same with those villages eat, the same meat and other products. It turns harm themselves.

Not everyone will defend his people, and that expose their lives in danger. Well done, that there is no more to add. Thank you for the article, I learned from her about such a generous person, who is not only talented, but also takes care of its people.

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