As A Naija Girl, Why Should You Marry A Naija Guy?

This has been posted here before but I just want to remind you ladies in case you forgot.

He understands your accent.

2. He knows that when you suffix every sentence with 'now', its not a command, e.g. "Come let's go now, "

3. When you guys go out, he pays and doesn't expect a refund of exactly half!

4. He understands why you have to send money home - probably doing the same himself!

5. He doesn't see your kid sister staying in your house as an inconvenience/ cramping his style.

6. He doesn't think you should put your parents in a home.

7. He eats 'Gbegiri and Amala' and doesn't think it's 'yucky' or 'spicy'. In a nutshell, loves your cooking.

8. He gets your jokes.

9. The way he licks his ten fingers 'because that Ogbono soup with Iyan hit da spot, Oh Yes!!!

10. He has got his education or he got something going on.

11. He may be a baby daddy but he loves his kid and takes care of him.

12. He can have a bus load of conversation without him saying much 'because his momma taught him that.

13. He loves to see you shake that Bottom to Sir Shina Peters, the original "Back That Bottom Up" master.

14. He will settle an argument and say sorry while maintaining his man status.

15. I am IN charge but he is THE charge, we understand that.

16. He knows where he is from. Living in NY does not mean you are from NY.

17. He thinks you're so pretty without makeup.

18. He calls you native endearing names like "Nne" or "Omo"

19. He has respect [not to be confused with obedience] for his elders ? important.

20. The way he gets embarrased and says "I beg e" when you compliment him.

21. The way he says "I love you baby" ? may be very fake yet sounds so TRUE!

22. The way he eats meat with his bare hands? for some reason it is sexy to me.

23. The way he calls you his wife in front of all his friends.

24. The way he says "Shey you get am" when he thinks you are not paying attention, but you really are.

25. The way he knows that it is you calling and answers the phone "Hey Baby! " without looking at the caller ID.

26. The way Naija men look when they are all decked out in native? there is nothing sexier than a dark chocolate man in lace o!

27. Pronounces your name like say na im born you.

28. The way he flows from Ebonics to Pidgin English to Akata with ease.

29. He is just at home at your office picnic as he is at the Naija reunion.

30. The very satisfied look on his face after eating one of your meals and the way he glares at you while picking his teeth with the tooth pick, and you both know that you are his next "meal".

31. He appreciates the art of yanshrolling when he sees one!

32. Keeps yo from doing wahala by buying a stickshift vehicle he knows you can't drive!

33. He saves you money on groceries a la "limited diet". Just cook the stew and he'll figure the rest? Eba, Amala, Fufu or even plain old White Bread!

34. No need for bosom implants to impress am!

35. No need to go kill himself trying to maintain a six pack. He knows u know big belle is sexy inside Agbada!

36. He knows to allow you like three hours to get ready for a party!

37. He will not complain when you waka with headful of rollers inside house but quick to let you know that aint nothing sexy about that when you want to go outside.

39. His lunch (Rice, Beans, Dodo, complete with carefully selected assorted meat) wey you pack for am na something u know sey im no go wait to "Palam"(gobble up!) when him reach work

40. He thinks the small gap between your front teeth are actually sexy!!!!

Finally; Cool Cos He Is Just A Naija Man Period!!!

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why don't you just close your mouth and maybe then poo will stop coming out.


Thinks but dosent know what to post


Maybe you people don't know how to read. I clearcly stated that its not mine and that it was already posted here before.

I just needed to remind Nglady02 why she should marry a nigerian.

P.s This is also not a joke. its actually true


Dunno what to write bout this our Naijagurly. My words fail me.


In actuall fact please dont try again. This is a poor excuse for a joke.


U go about spitting on people's jokes an this is wat u can offer?



is the height of dry jokes(i dint even boda finishing it)

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