Can Paul Okoye and Muno Oriero make a new P Square? – Is Peter Okoye out?

What happens to the twin brother duet of late? What are some of the P Square news and is Muno Oriero to replace Peter Okoye? Learn it now.

Muno Oriero became the first singer who has signed the contract with sound recording studio of Paul Okoye. In this regard, many admirers have thought that he would become replacement of Peter Okoye, who has left the band recently. However, the artist declared that he won't be able to replace no one of brothers.

Can Paul Okoye and Muno Oriero

Muno Oriero has dispelled all doubts, having told that he isn't sure at all whether he will be able to become worthy replacement. The singer has reported that he will personally watch further events in P Square life.

We will remind that recently Muno has written down two tracks at Paul Okoye studio, which has provided him great success. In this regard, he was considered as the potential participant of a duet. But the man has declared that in any case Peter will remain an integral part of a team. According to the performer, nobody will be able to take his place.

Muno Oriero

‘It is worth remembering that Peter and Paul are brothers. Besides, they are twin brothers. Therefore, it would be ridiculous to take place of one of them. Of course, they can quarrel. Nevertheless, it doesn't destroy special communication, which exists between them. The kindred blood plays great value. They have taught me many things and inspired me. I consider myself a lucky person because I managed to work with such talented and successful people. All of us can quarrel with the relatives, therefore it isn't something supernatural. I am sure that mass media could show this scandal more, than it seems because they are superstars’ – Muno said.

Can Paul Okoye and Muno Oriero

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Muno also cooperated with Rudeboy Recordz after scandal between Peter and Paul became known.

Meanwhile, Peter doesn't waste his time. He continues a solo career. Recently he has performed at the concert in Dubai without the brother. Photos from the performance can be seen in the Internet.


I always thought that the twins are fine, but has always been against the fact that they are equally dressed or replaced with each other, I do not understand why, because he has his own life and his passion, and then he vysuvat pritenzii that go and work instead of his brother, of course he does not want his shadow bt. Because it was his brother's life, and if he will be in a group instead, everyone will once again be seen as his brother and not him. So my opinion is that only need to live their lives, and their hobbies.

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