Chidinma, Eva Alordiah or Mo'chedda – who is more stylish and loved?

Flavour Na’abania is famous in Nigeria. Which one of the top celebrity girls did he date and which one of them is the hottest?

Flavour Na’abania is also known as Davido. He is a hot sexy singer. Almost every girl, who knows him, dreams of meeting with this man. He drives expensive cars, buys expensive drinks in bars. He has everything for magnificent life. In addition, judging by rumors, he is very sensuous. Is it not a dream? It is no wonder that he subdued many young girls-residents of Nigeria. But how the man describes his ideal girl? In his opinion, she has to be modest, careful and loving. It is similar to Flavor's contrast, isn't it? But the singer also considers that a lady shouldn't be boring and ordinary. He appreciates brightness in girls. So, let's consider three possible candidacies for the young man!

Chidinma, Eva Alordiah or Mo'chedda

Chidinma Ekile

Well, the first candidate is Chidinma Ekile. Recently she admitted that she has really fallen in love. And how do you think in whom? Of course, in Flavor. Perhaps, it is just rumors. But also there were her rather candid common photos of Chidinma and the singer in the Internet. At once, admires begun to doubt that they are not connected only with friendship. It only left to guess, but the fact remains. Besides, the girl really could become the excellent companion for the young man. As Flavor, she is a bright singer, who loves money and luxury, and appreciates herself. In addition, Chidinma is very stylish. Massive jewelry and a bright make-up are the girl's highlight. They don't make her vulgar, but allocate the lady from the crowd.

Chidinma Ekile

Eva Alordiah

Bright Eva Alordiah could become the second pretender for heart of the singer. By the way, they wrote down a joint track together. What could attract Flavor in this girl? First of all, her rigidity. She isn't afraid to tell people the truth, which unites her with this guy. Besides, she has quite unusual appearance and style. The girl is the owner of rather innocent face, which can hide anything behind itself. There is some riddle in Eva. In addition, she attracts attention with her stunning bright hair. The singer likes to change color of the hair often and to do extreme hairstyles. Extraordinary girl, isn't it?

Her private life is known a little. There is information that earlier she used to date other rap singer, Ice Prince. He admitted that they have left because of divergences in characters. There is no wonder: nobody knows that happens in Eva's head. Perhaps, Flavor should try to learn it?

Eva Alordiah


At last, the third "beloved" of Flavor – Mo’Chedda. She is an owner of a magnificent voice and incredibly curvaceous figure. Besides, she likes to emphasize this advantage. The girl can be often seen in frank bright dresses with deep cuts. Only one this fact could dement the young singer. Besides, the girl is clever and successful – she takes high positions in MTV charts.

But, unfortunately, heart of the young lady is already occupied, and she isn't afraid to tell about it. In her Instagram, it is possible to see a set of photos with Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi, whom she tenderly calls “papi”, and he, in turn, calls her wife.


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Therefore, it is only possible to present how well they could look with Davido.

Necessary to say that each of these girls is worthy of love and attention. All three singers are successful and beautiful in their own way. It is really hard to choose between them. We wish a good luck to them and to other young women, because everyone deserves to be called stylish and loved, if you try much to achieve your goals.

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