Davido or Peter Okoye - who's got the fanciest and most expensive car?

Most rappers love fancy cars. Who got the best in Nigeria - Davido or Peter Okoye?

Are you interested in the life of the popular singers and performers? Then, let’s learn more about the most passionate car-lovers among Nigerians. Davido and Peter Okoye – whose garage is more impressive? Let’s find out right now!

Davido or Peter Okoye

David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido)

He is number one in the list of the owners of the costliest vehicles in Nigeria. His collection is really amazing and makes other rappers envy. As the news claims, this celeb owns at least 6 exotic cars! And he continues to enrich his collection. Well, which vehicles we may find in his garage? They are:

Davido most expensive car

  • Range Rover Sport SUV, which is N35 million worth (equivalent to almost $180k),
  • Mercedes G-Wagon, which cost him N30 million (more than $150k),
  • Porsche Turbo, bought for N22 million ($110.6k),
  • Audi Q7 for N10 million ($50.3k),
  • Chevrolet Camaro, which is N6 million or $30.2k worth,
  • Honda accord for N5 million or $25.2k worth.
    Davido car garage

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Their prices are really impressive. Not every star may allow such purchases. In fact, Davido prefers only the best things. And his growing fleet of expensive cars proves it. Moreover, his social pages are full of photos with his new vehicles.

Peter Okoye

He is another popular artist, famous for his adoration towards cars. One of the Psquare brothers prefers only luxurious and classy vehicles. Besides, he often shares pictures of his new purchases with the fans. Among the latest, we can enumerate the following:

Peter Okoye - most expensive car?

  • 2014 Bentley GT,
  • 2014 Wrangler Jeep,
  • BMW X6.

The exact prices have not been revealed. However, the rumors say that one of them cost Peter more than N30 million.

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Peter Okoye garage

Well, as we see, the prices of the vehicles are more or less equal. It is hard to say who is crazier about his car hobby – Peter Okoye or Davido, but, according to math, Daviso has more cars in quantity, so he can be considered more car-adore person. We can wait for their next purchases and compare.


I think the point is not whether a star to afford an expensive car, and whether you want this car. Indeed, the number of cars, all the money can't count.Most likely the guys just competing. who has the baddest machine. I believe that the machine should not be part of your collection, it needs to be a means of transportation. The prices on the cars of stars really big, but if the garage is more than two cars, so it's just a whim, thereby indicating who has more money. But in General, I would not refuse myself from so many cars.

Answered 1 year ago.

It seems to be just for their image) Starring in different videos... And to make the others think they're too cool) Well, anyway. Both guys have magnificent collections of cars. In my humble opinion, David's collection is bigger and richer. Just think! He lives in such a country like Nigeria. Quite a poor country as I know. But if we just take a glance at another man's collection... Not so many cars as in the previous one. Yeah, absolutely less number of vehicles. If we think about not quantity but about quality? Peter Okoye has got two very-very expensive cars made in 2014, so quite new ones. And also rare. BMW X6 isn't really rare and expensive as compared with Bentley, but still. We have a large collection versus a unique collection. It would be fair if we say that each is good.

Answered 1 year ago.
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