Di'ja ft Yemi Alade: who is hotter and more famous?

Which one of the Nigerian singer ladies is hotter and more famous? Is it Di'ja ft Yemi Alade?

In 2015, the new music video Olopa was released. Henry Knight, Yemi Alade, Di'ja and Joe El took part in it.  It aroused heated disputes of admires. They argue: who of two girls is better? Who is hotter and more famous?  Let’s find an answer together.

Di'ja vs yemi alade

Di'ja biography

Real name of Di'Ja is Hadiza Blell. She was born in Nigeria. However, the girl also lived in the USA and Canada. Initially the girl was fond of natural sciences. She has entered the university and received a double degree. Psychology and biology were her specialization. But then hobbies of the girl have exchanged. She was fond of music, philosophy and art.

Di'ja photo

In 2008, the singer has published the first songs. This year is the beginning of her musical career. The official single has appeared 6 years later. It is possible to feel Nigerian roots of the singer in it.

One of the most popular videos with participation of Di’Ja is Dorobucci. She has taken part in it with other famous actors. It has collected 12 million viewings.

He also received Canadian Radio Music Award in 2009 (for the best R&B single) and Beat Music Award in 2008 (the best new artist).

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Yemi Alade biography

Yemi Alade photo

Yemi Alade sings the songs in afro-pop style. She was born in Abia, Nigeria, in a large family. The girl studied at university and has received degree on geography there. However, she was interested in music very much. In 2005, the girl joined Noty Spices group. In 2009 singer has made performed at show of talents and became the winner. From this time, her fame began.

In 2012, Yemi Alade concluded the contract with Effyzzie Music Group.

The singer is most known for her songs such as Bamboo and Johnny. They became the international hits in Africa and Britain. Yemi Alade video has collected 32 million viewings.

Yemi Alade biography

The debut album of Yemi was released in 2014. Now she is preparing a new album.

According to this information, it’s possible to say that both of girls are hot, talented and famous. We recommend not arguing about it, but simply enjoying their music.

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