Do We Speak English In Nigeria?

A Nigerian lost his luggage at JFK airport, and he reported same at the airline office, when he was asked for the content of the luggage, he said personal effect like cloths, and drug. He was asked to wait, while the officer pick-up his phone and dial a number within a few minutes two police men came in and the Nigerian was pointed to, he was handcuffed and whisked away, at the police station, the following conversations ensue between the Nigerian and the American Police

AMERICAN POLICE:-How do you come about the drug in your possession?

NIGERIAN MAN:- I was given.

AMERICAN POLICE:-Who gave it to you

NIGERIAN MAN:- my doctor

AMERICAN POLICE:- Your Doctor gave you the drug

NIGERIAN MAN:- Yes, I had malaria and my doctor placed me of Chloroquine and Paracetamol, Piriton and some blood tonic

AMERICAN POLICE:- That is medicine, your medication but the drug, Is that what you declared that you have in your luggage?

NIGERIAN MAN:- Yes is it a crime, to have my Drug in my bag?

AMERICAN POLICE:- Am sorry, your arrest was effected because you claimed you have DRUG in your luggage, but now I understand, that you refer to your medication as drug, here in America we call it MEDICATION and we refer to NARCOTIC substances as DRUG. You are hereby released, but mind your Word when you talk while you are in America.

NIGERIAN MAN:- So word we use in Nigeria means another thing in America, this America na waoo

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@will spark,

wetin consine that pic with wetin d poster dey yarn abeg carry that ur pic go find one thread givam


hahahahahah una nor go take laff kill me for hia oh

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