Ghostbusters 3: how do you like the idea of Ghostbusters reboot supported by Dan Aykroyd?

What is the plot of new Ghostbusters 3? Who became a director of the movie about group of spook hunters? Read the information below to learn the latest news about the film.

Ghostbusters 3 movie

The audience looks forward to new Ghostbusters 3, while producers are not tired to trigger curiosity to this movie. While there is no complete trailer, it is necessary to be in-line with posters, and several teasers. The main goal of teaser is announcement of full-fledged Ghostbusters trailer. This short roller does not bear special sense. It only becomes clear that heroes of Ghostbusters movie should save the population of the big city from a certain threat.

Feature of the third picture of franchise consists that the group of liquidators of ghosts, played only by women. The team of fearless girls will rise in defense of New York flooded with the whole army of new ghosts.

Ghostbusters cast

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Leading roles in Ghostbusters 2016 are played by actresses Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Lesley Jones. New shots give a chance to look at their heroines. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is also included in Ghostbusters cast. He plays role of Kevin, the assistant and secretary of hunters.

Shootings of movie have begun in June in Boston. At the heart of a plot is history of teacher of university who in early years has written and published a book about ghosts and became a laughing-stock in research team. However, the attitude towards the heroine changes when the city is attacked by hordes of ghouls. The world premiere is planned for July 14, 2016.

Ghostbusters trailer

The owner of rights on franchise, Sony Pictures Company, has announced plans of new part earlier – Ghostbusters 4. In this part, it was supposed to return to original version about four of liquidators, which consist only of men like in Ghostbusters 2.

Paul Fig became the director of new movie, and the script for new cinema was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis (died in 2014), who earlier worked on original movie.


Let's start perhaps with the fact that I will state at once - I like it. I am sincerely pleased to note that the idea of ​​comic all known ghost hunters presented to it and in this style. And all the business of the protagonist, in the village where from the beginning delights and amuses the audience. Here, no one can remain indifferent, I'm sure, whether malicious critic, indifferent spectator and ardent fan, every bit of get what he longs to see and enjoy what he craves. I wish all of us a nice view without unwanted guests))

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