Has Linda Ikeji put an end to her war with Wizkid?

Have two Nigerian celebrities finally got reconciled? Find out how the head of police helped them make peace.

The beef between the famous Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji and famous Nigerian rapper Wizkid was carried out mostly in the social media. They battled on Instagram and on Twitter, too. People spread it all over the internet. At last the fight move on into the offline and as Linda Ikeji sensed Wizkid abused her verbally and threatened her, she filed a report on him to Lagos police.

Has Linda Iend to her war with Wizkid

Why did Linda put an end to fighting Wizkid?

We have some good Wizkid news to share, as Linda Ikeji has shared about it on her blog. Seems like both the rapper and the blogger met with the police commissioner. He was able to reconcile them and put an end to this war. Linda states that she will keep on writing good things about Wizkid on her blog and celebrate him.

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid?

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She has also made the final post on their conflict to end it and tell Wizkid she has forgiven him and will no longer threaten. Most likely Wizkid would have to make a written apology to the lady blogger to talking down about her and making threats. This would have to happen in the police station HQ. Linda believes this has given Wizkid a great lesson and he will stop threatening women at least in the public! We hope the war is over and two Nigerian celebs can make peace. 

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