How did Ali Baba comedian benefit from J. Zuma visit to Nigeria?

What is common between Nigerian comedian and South Africa president? Find out now.

Do you like Nigerian comedy? Then you should know Ali Baba, who's thought to be a veteran comedian in the country. What is new about him? Let’s get to know it right now!

How did Ali Baba benefit from J. Zuma

The latest news about Ali Baba concerns his income. According to the existing reports, he's said to become N2 million wealthier! It happened on the 8th of March, when J. Zuma (acting South African President) had visited Nigeria. As we have found out recently, there has been a bet between Ali and one of Nigerian lawyers, that S. African ruler would never come to their country. And the bet was of N2 million.

Ali Baba comedian

Everyone was really surprised by Zuma's visit. He came for a conference, which was held in Abuja at a presidential villa. Soon after this, a famous comedian made a post in his Instagram with the picture of two presidents (Buhari and Zuma). He has written that he is the happiest man by now, as South African current President has finally come to visit Nigeria.

 Ali Baba benefit from J. Zuma visit to Nigeria

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Well, now Ali Baba is even richer than he used to be. Let’s congratulate him with the winning of the deal and wish him good luck in future beginnings. Keep watching Ali Baba comedy show and enjoy his talent.

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