How Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde speaks of political issues in Nigeria?

Must hear news from Omotola Jalade on Nigeria social and political issues. Hear what she had to say.

Surely, Nigeria has many social issues and problems to deal with and to solve. Not all of them can be solved overnight, but certainly Federal and State governments are responsible for handling such issues. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is one of the most outspoken Nollywood actors. Here is what she had to say about the political issues and social problems in Nigeria.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Piece of Omotola Jalade mind on Twitter about social issues in Nigeria

First of all it has to be stated that during the elections Omosexy refused to support or promote any political party. And she was one of the few Nigerian celebrities who had the courage and honesty to do so. She shared on Twitter that she had experienced much pressure during the elections and people wanted to force into supporting them.

omosexy twitter

Most likely these political issues and her strength to withstand them cause her to be outspoken about things that happen in Nigeria. She certainly has her voice and her opinion to share. Recently she has taken to Twitter to give a piece of her mind on the fuel scarcity, poor energy supplies, roads and other issues in Lagos State and in Nigeria as a whole.

omotola jalade photo

Omotola Jalade stated, that she had to pay taxes, but additionally she pays for her own security, for her electricity, batteries, gas, etc. And, obviously she does not hope to be refunded for those things. So, she stands against many claims and complaints of the government of people not paying their tax, as they still have to take care of themselves and cope with the hardships of life on their own.

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Omotoal Jalade-Ekeinde on the Glitz Africa Magazine cover

omosexy magazine cover

Such a strong political point of view and voice do not hinder Omosexy from shining out on the popular African magazine cover. Her photo on the Glitz Africa Magazine is just amazing! She looks sexy, but at the same time she looks very challenging and mindboggling there. See for yourself.

Hopefully Nigeria gets enough outspoken and honest people to deal away with its social and political issues and pave way to a better life for everyone. 

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