How popular is Ayo Makun?

Has Ayo Makun really broke up with his wife? Must read story for you.

Recently the Internet was shocked by the news that famous Nigerian comic Ayo Makun and his wife get divorced. It is true or a lie? Of course, it is worth learning. But, for a start, let's remember some information about the actor and the facts from his biography.

How popular is Ayo Makun?

Ayo Makun biography

Ayo Makun gained fame thanks to Chris Okotie's role and his amazing sense of humor. He was called the promising actor. The comic also took part in the development of Art department in University, at which he studied.

Later Ayo began to receive offers to act in comic TV shows, which were staging not only in Nigeria, but also in Europe. In addition, he issues the magazine and participates in concerts.

Ayo Makun state of origin

The actor is an owner of five awards for the Best comedian and for the Best TV of show.

Makun is the main participant of Entertainment Corporation. He helps to organize meetings and to keep cultural development in the country.

Nowadays he is one of the brightest stars in Nigeria.

Ayo Makun state of origin

Parents of the actor lived in Ondo state. But he was born in the state of Delta. There he studied and began his outstanding actor's career.

Ayo Makun biography

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Ayo Makun wedding

In 2008, the actor married Mabel Makun. A lot of many guests were present at the wedding. A large amount of photos from ceremony can be seen in the Internet.

The couple has also a daughter. They call her Mirabel Makun.

Ayo Makun

Ayo Makun wife

The wife of the comedian is the head of Design Company. The well-known house of a family, which is established under her management, became one of her artworks.

Ayo Makun wife

Ayo Makun breakup

Recently people assumed that marriage of the comedian has almost broken up. This thought appeared because of the fact that his wife has left their house. But on 13th March the actor dispelled all doubts publicly. It has turned out, that the actor has gone to travel and decided to disinfect the house. Therefore, his wife had to take out some objects for a while. Gossips thought at once that marriage of the comedian and woman has broken up.

Ayo Makun 2016

Ayo has told that he loved his wife very much and would never leave her. All gossips were false, and admirers only have to rejoice for their idol.

Now we know that Ayo Makun is not only talented actor, but also an exemplary family man. It is necessary only to wish actor the same success in his career and private life, as he has now.

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