How Star Wars conquered the universe

Love good movies? Discover the Star Wars and the epic space saga with its amazing characters, special effects and great story line.

All Nigerians love movies and Nollywood is the live prove of it. This means you must have watched at least one episode (if not all 6 of them) of Star Wars, which alone have written a whole chapter in the cinema history. It’s hard to find a more exciting, loved and known movie on our globe! Let’s find out how and why Star Wars conquered the universe of our dreams, fancies and affections.

Star Wars

Who wrote Star Wars?

george lucas filmThat’s the first question that comes to one’s mind and the first one you get answered watching the moving. One of the first shots you see on the screen of the IV Episode: A New Hope is saying – LucasFilms. George Lucas is supposed to be the author of this amazing and epic space opera. However, few people know that the original novel was written by a ghostwriter.

alan dean fosterThey are also called the literary slaves and the one who crafted first Star Wars’ book was Allan Dean Foster. Presently he is known as a famous and talented science fiction writer. George Lucas had just a general idea of the story and Foster was able to expand it and turn into an amazing adventure. That is the first one of many rarely known and interesting facts on the movie we love so much that we watch all the 6 Star Wars episodes and in just few days are getting ready to welcome the 7th – The Force Awakens.

Star Wars History - How Star Wars conquered the universe

The movie is epic and it has for sure conquered the hearts and minds of many people on our planet. The question is -

Star Wars legend – why we love it so much?

 Star Wars conquered the universeHow is this movie different from other similar science fiction ones? The first movie was back in 1977. At that time few of us have even seen a computer! The budget of the film was small, but its creators have managed to produce amazing effects, designs and visuals.
For the very first time in our history we visited a cinema theater and were magically transported to new planets, galaxies and space. Surely, there were other movies on this topic, but none of them could match the Star Wars in its excellence.

 Star Wars 1And, of course, the characters, don’t you just LOVE them? Star Wars characters are so human (even the alien and robotic ones). They make us like and love them. Those little droids are not just cans and soulless metal things. They are capable of evoking sympathy, just like our pets do!
Those good aliens, like Yoda and Chewbacca as well as others look cute and likable.

How Star Wars conquered the universe 2One of the things the creators of Star Wars and George Lucas in particular have managed to do is to create human and good characters, as well as awesome villains. Using some very basic things, such as scuba masks and bike riding protection gear they have managed to create Lord Darth Vader, who gives us a thrill and chill every time he shows up on the screen!

 Star Wars 4Overall Lucas and his team have managed to take us far away traveling through time, space and galaxies and at the same time they have preserved humanity and reality of all the characters. That Han Solo is really hard to resist. He combines such human traits as selfishness and loyalty.

He is real and does not set some high and unattainable hero standard for us. We can follow in his footprints and easily relate to him. That is why we LOVE Star Wars movies!

Now, let’s get some fun and interesting facts on all the six parts of the space opera. Here you go.

Star Wars fun facts:

  •  Star Wars 3Star Wars has become one and only famous movie featuring Mark Hamill. This proves that once is enough. He has gotten unfading glory and fame by shooting in the trilogy.
  • The original idea was to make a monkey play the part of Master Yoda!
  • If you watch all Star War episodes closely, you’d notice that Yoda has a different number of toes (3 to 4 of them).
  • Little “bears” from the VI episode – Return of the Jedi called Ewoks spoke Tibetan language.
  • David Prowse is the name of the actor, who played Darth Vader. George Lucas strongly dislikes him and banns him from attending any of the official events related to the movie.
  • The voice of Chewbacca was created by mixing voices of a number of beasts (real animals).
  • Star Wars have issues collectible coins and they can be used in USA as the real money!
  • Initially the idea was to make Jabba the Hut furry.

Star Wars 7:

 Star Wars 6Is that it? No! More is coming! Star Wars 7 is due in just few days! All the fandom of this amazing movie story is excited. The new episode is called: The Force Awakens. What do we know about it? Well back in 2005 the story seemed to be over. No more episodes. However, in 2012 Lucasfilm was purchased for over 4 billion dollars! The new sequel was done by J.J. Abrams and two more are supposed to follow.

The production of the new episode has taken over six months. The good news is that today’s computer design and technologies allow producers to create amazing effects unavailable to Lucas back in the 70s of the last century. Those old effects never lived up to his dreams and expectations.

The film was shot in Ireland on one of its islands as well as in Abu Dhabi desert. The new events take place 30 years after the last battle. It seems like we are going to reencounter the old and so well loved personages: Leia, Luke and Han. Just few days are remaining till the opening night. So, it’s a really good time to go over the epic saga and may be even watch some of its episodes (if not all) again! 

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It literally catches my breath, the excellent movie of my childhood. Sweet time on my mind a million good simply but unforgettable memories running through my mind tied to Star Wars! I haven't watched it in forever sadly.Time changes and modern technologies let people shoot movies with adding numerous special effects which provides more grandiose view. It's a totally original classic movie deserves to get on my top 5. I didn't make time to enjoy Star Wars 7 yet but planning. The trailer is bewitching!

Answered 2 years ago.

I'm in love with these movies. I can't even count for how many times it was, but they are not boring even after the 20 times watching! My husband is also a big fan of these great and epic movies. It is a great surprise and the greatest present for funs the realising of a brand new part this year. Although I have not seen it yet, but I for sure that this is another work of art. It is really the greatest and the most valuable present for all the fans all over the world! Thank all the creators of this wonderful movies!

Answered 2 years ago.

I have watched this movie very many. However, I do not remember count of quantity, but now I would like to watch that fantastical movie one more time, like first time. There are many mystery moments and affects, which I would like to say to all world. May be some boys imitated to actors, who were very strong and famous in this story. When we had watched Star Wars with my neighboring friends, after watching we always fought like fantastical person with each other. We have believed that we are super heroes. It was very amazing among boys who were young and curious.

Answered 2 years ago.

I love these movies, I love madly. For spirit, soul, for atmosphere - tale. This film can be reviewed dozens of times, expect to favorite scenes. I admire this film. Peerless heroes, fascinating and tragic story. Every fiction is now huge amount. However, Star Wars - quite original. George Lucas first went other way - removed Earth from galaxy, created new planet and gave each its own individual world.

I love these movies because of their unusual character and noble story, for this infinite space and brutal struggle with evil.

Answered 2 years ago.
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