How to download YouTube videos: 3 main options for Nigeria

Get the best 3 methods of downloading videos from YouTube to your devices. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

YouTube is rich with cool videos shot in Nigeria as well as anywhere else. One can find millions of awesome cooking recipes, tons of music, sports videos, crafts, new, etc. It’s one good reason to find out how to download YouTube videos.
How to download YouTube videos

ThNo doubt, this far you must already know there is no quick click button on the web resource for grabbing videos. So, there are many other ways to handle the tasks. So, how do you do it?

 Brief overview of your downloading options

Wish to learn it? Master these 3 ways to get it done. They all work well for Nigeria and some are completely at no cost to you. Now, let us familiarize ourselves with the selection of choices and get some comprehensive explanation on how to download videos from YouTube using various devices, browsers and OS.

Using a website
Using a website
It’s a handy method of doing it and it delivers great results for laptops and PCs. The best is that you can utilize it for any kind of browser you prefer. Here is how it works.

So, where do you start? You just get on the web and type “how to download videos from YouTube using URL”. That would land you on search results with many sites that could assist you in doing that. Let’s review few of them and see how they operate.
Here are some universal steps that work with most of such sites:

  • Visit YouTube and pick video
  • Copy URl in the browser’s bar (do it by clicking the link found in the upper browser box, select it and copy it by pressing the right button on the mouse and picking Copy menu, or you may use your keyboard to copy the link. You select it using the PC mouse and then pressing Ctrl+C)
  • Visit the downloading website (savedeo.com or clipconverter.cc)
  • On the home page you would be exposed to a box to paste the copied link (you can press Ctrl+V or click the right mouse button and pick Paste menu there)
  • The site would move you to a page displaying various video quality and size options, make your choice and go on
  • Press Download, it will open up a minor pop up box with option: play or download
  • Pick the download option
  • Find your download indicator; it is visible in the upper part of the screen and in the right corner (if you are utilizing Firefox). Click it to see the download duration for the file or you may also click it to pick the file and play it. You may also pick the option of displaying this downloaded file in the folder it was saved to. Now you can move it to another folder, play it or delete it from there.

The majority of such web resources for YouTube videos grabbing works similarly. Now you know the algorithm and can resort to any of them for you to benefit from this video in the offline mode.

Using downloading software

The second option is to get and install special software you may use for grabbing videos from YouTube. You may think it is too much trouble, but after all this path can save you time as there is no need to be landing on the online resources to manage the thing. The programs are many we will review some of them.

ClipGrab comes first. The name speaks for itself. It is a free of charge instrument that you may use to learn how to start downloading videos from YouTube.

Go right to the the  http://clipgrab.org/ to find this program. You may select one of two options. You may either download the soft for free or make a donation. Do the following:

  • Choose download
  • Find the pop-up box and press Download
  • Search for it in the browser bar in Downloads and click it
  • Proceed with installing the program (there are two options: full or custom installation)
  • Now copy a link from YouTube (see the above given instructions)
  • Place it into the ClipGraber menu box
  • Pick the format type of a file (find little box Format on the left upper side of the app)
  • You may select the quality you need
  • Press Download to initiate the process
  •  Done!

Another application you may use for this task is Internet Downloader Manager. It is not fully free software, but they have a trial version to offer. So, you may run and test it first and then make a purchase. If Internet payments are not an option for you, then you can purchase this program through your local Nigerian bank. Those are the step to take:
Internet Downloader Manager.

  • You find the soft on the internet
  • Pick free trial option and get it loaded to your PC (just follow the installation wizard)
  • Reload your browser (the program will offer you to do so)
  • Open up the IDM (the app will provide you with info no operating it, but you may skip it)
  • The best is that this program is that it can be used for downloading of all kinds of file. For YouTube it works as your browser add-on. Once you are done with the installation go to browser menu Tools - Add-ons and activate it.
  • Now when you land on the YouTube video you wish to get, find a small Download push button in the upper right corner of the window. Just click it.
  • It will take you to the IDM pop up window. It shows you the file size, its type, you may also add a description to the file.
  • Press the Download button
  • See the popup window offering you to open the file or folder where it has been saved.
  • Now you can click to play it
  • Utilize it for downloading videos, music or other files from all kinds of Internet resources.

    Web browser add-on option
    Web browser add-on option
    We have already partially discussed this topic on how to download videos from YouTube using browser add-ons, such as IDM. How do you find such programs? Just google it! But here is one site that provides complete solutions for any browser you may have (Chrome, Opera or Firefox) http://addoncrop.com. Going there you can obtain YouTube Video Downloader add-on for different browsers.
    You install it and it allows you to download videos without having to visit other sites or downloading some additional software.

Here are few useful tips on utilizing such features. Don’t forget that add-ons can slow down the work of your browser. If you use such downloaders once in a while, you may go to Tools menu of your browser and find Add-ons. Pick the downloader add-on and switch it off for the time being. Then reload the browser. This way it can function in a more speedy fashion.

Now, the best of all is this: the add-ons is that they allow you to crop and download parts of the video instead of getting the whole thing. You may pick the part of the video to be downloaded and save both time and space on your hard drive.

Quick tips on downloading playlists from YouTube

There is a range of downloading software that makes available for you to get your entire playlist in one hit. You do not have to fritter away your time and get the videos one by one. Here is a good sample of such software. It is called MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. You can get at  http://www.mediahuman.com.
Quick tips on downloading playlists from YouTube

  • Set up and run the program
  • Pick the YouTube video you like and copy its URL
  • Paste it into the MediaHuman by pressing the + button
  • Pick the format and size of the file
  • Press the download button (arrow shaped button in the upper right side of the screen)

Getting the YouTube videos downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet

That’s what the special apps are for. You can find them in PlayMarket and lots of them are free. Learn about the best of the best.

  • WonTube

The thing you would love: it allows you to browse, stream and download videos simultaneously

  • TubeMate

It provides you with the ability to pick the right size of the video for your device (tablet or smartphone)

  • TubeBox

This app is quick and gets the thing done in no time

How do you grab the apps? Follow these quick steps:
Play Market

  • Get your phone or tablet connected to the web
  • Go to Play Market
  • Pick Apps, free apps
  • Search for TubeMate
  • Press Download
  • Set up app and enjoy

The app will create a list of videos and music on your smartphone and play it for you.

No need of video? Want just audio?

Glad you asked. It’s possible! There are certain programs that would let you transform your video into audio and then download it. One of the means to do so is going to a website that does it. For instance, you may use anything2mp3. Follow these steps:

  • Pick the video from YouTube and copy its URL (go back to the begging of the article to see how)
  • Go to http://anything2mp3.com/ and paste the link into the box
  • Press Convert
  • The thing is done online. Just wait and watch the conversion process.
  • When it finishes, you would see the Download option on the screen. Just push the button and grab your audio

See, it’s that easy. So, if you wish to get just the sound instead of the video, you can do it in few more clicks and save space on your computer.

This instruction provides you with a lot of information on how to manage the task of downloading YouTube videos. Once you study it, you can become an expert in this area and enjoy the benefits of getting your favorite music or video stored on your PC.

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