How to increase instagram followers

In this article you will learn about the ways how to increase instagram followers in an easy way.

Nowadays it’s not necessary to be an actor, businessman or politician to become famous. It’s enough to get a page in Instagram and find out how to increase instagram followers. It is one of the most popular social networks and you can find the friendliest people there. It is available on all the smartphones so anyone can use it.

The governors and other famous people share their personal photos with their fans. And the most well-known brands even manage to make their profiles attractive to the thousands of people! It just has to be a really good photo content.


On Instagram you can see the huge choice of filters that help you make your photos better. And there’s a friendly atmosphere between all the users. It’s a social network where you can spend your time having a lot of fun.

When you create an account you obviously don’t have that many followers. Fortunately enough, it is not difficult to make your profile look attractive. You can increase your instagram followers for free!

 Make your profile special!

If you look at the profiles of popular brands in Instagram (especially abroad) you can see a lot of unique and sometimes funny pictures. This is what makes this social network so special - the informal atmosphere, friendly and welcoming audience. This is an excellent opportunity to be creative. In general, reveal your imagination and come up some interesting ideas. Explore some parts of your city where you’ve never been before and take pictures.

 How to increase instagram followers for business

Post the pictures of the people who are already using your products! If you promote a popular good Instagram is a great way to attract new customers and make your old ones love you even more. Look for hashtags, find the most beautiful photos of your clients and post them on your page. And don’t forget to put @ in front of the person’s name.

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Use hashtags

Hashtags are great but don’t put too much of those. The best option is to put hashtags with the name of the brand. There should be only 2 or 3 of those. They are also great because they help you find the topic you’re interested in. You can also get to meet someone special.


If you want to get more followers it will be great if you follow your clients, all your acquaintances and the people that they like. It can be a really cool communication. How can you do it? Find an interesting hashtag for you and follow the people who posted it. Imagine that all the users are your close friends. Don’t be lazy to visit their profiles, like their photos and leave comments. DO NOT spam! Don’t write "follow me!". Leave only pleasant comments like "You look great on this picture."



Another good way to attract new subscribers to your profile is to organize a competition. It can be a very simple one but it will help you to get more followers.

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Do not forget to use hashtags and advertise it in some other social networks that you use.

Answer everyone!

Communicate with the followers not only when you need something. Discuss some topics with them, ask questions. They will appreciate your attention. Maybe those people will tell their friends about you and you will have even more subscribers! You might get new friends too.


Tell everyone you have an Instagram profile

Talk about Instagram on your other social media accounts. Don’t forget to put links. It really works! Your friends and potential followers will be happy to learn more about your life with the help of Instagram

Discuss problems with your clients

In addition to a friendly atmosphere it’s necessary to discuss the problems with your clients if your Insta profile is for business. It means that you should not only quickly respond with some standard answers but really help and give advice. You can write about the process of solving difficult situations and therefore help them.

Of course you can cheat and hack but it’s not honest and it can’t make you happy in a way that the real followers can.

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