How to make yor own minion using 1Kinder Surprise?

Your child likes sweets with toys? Good idea to make a handmade Minion from a Kinder Surprise.

We are coming towards the New Year holidays and long weekends. Minion fans always have something to do especially after  watching  "Despicable Me" and "Minion". Today we  will tell you how to realize your little dream and make a  handmade minion from a Kinder. Yes, it will be fun! You will need a little imagination, accuracy, and your personal minion is ready.

Perhaps you will think that this is a long and boring, but it is not. The beauty of this method is that all the work will take approximately 5 minutes. Only 5 minutes! This is probably the quickest and easiest way to make a minion from a Kinder Surprise with your own hands. Thus it is possible even for children, check.

What we need:

Of course, the basis of a minion itself is the Kinder Surprise. Namely one plastic container, where the toy is stored in. Black marker.  Artificial eyes. Find difficult, but possible.  Blue paper for denim overalls. Three 5 penny coins, a little sticky tape and glue - for advanced variations.

How to make a minion of Kinder

Now let's move on to the process of a  minion creating.  Just to begin with, I will explain why do we need  coins. Quite simple, they are placed inside the minion "body"  to make it harder. To do this,  we need to rewind all the coins with the tape in a pile and paste inside the bottom of the minion

After that, we take the blue paper, cut it into strips, check that the strip is as thick as a half of the Kinder box. Tightly wrap and glue it with adhesive tape or glue.

Then take a black marker and draw on top of the  minion a line- "glasses strip." In the middle of the strip neatly adjust decorative eyes. They should be small enough, especially if you plan to make a minion with two eyes.

Allow the glue to dry and it is ready!  Is not it simple?  Now you know how to make a minion from a Kinder Surprise. I am sure that using a bit of imagination you can achieve far more interesting results.

We have done our minion and now it is time to learn some facts about it!

  1. Minions are of 5 hair types, including completely bald.

  2. Despite the limited number of types of minions there are more than 10 400 in movies and in advertising.

  3. At the attraction "Despicable me" at Universal Gru has a gun that can supposedly turn people into minions. But in reality, the minions appeared not in this way.

  4. All tall minions have the same hairdo

  5. In the first film, the minions teeth are slightly pointed, whereas in the second film "Despicable me" minion teeth have more rounded form.

  6. Minions with one eye are rarely high. The most famous of the one-eyed is Stewart.

  7.  The Directors of "Despicable me" confirm that the minions were added to the script to make Gru more attraktive to the audience.

  8. They decided to surround him with stupid creatures.

  9. Initially the minions were planned to be large and similar to the orcs, but in the process of development they become less and less.

  10. The image of the minions was partially “stripped” from the Star Wars droids.

  11.  Minions only have 3 fingers.

  12.  All the minions have male names.

  13. Some facts about minions are unkown.

  14. During the promotional campaign of the film "Despicable me 2" huge balloon in the shape of a minion was flying over America and other continents.

  15. Until now this balloon has become one of the biggest 15 in the world.

Watch the cartoon, eat Kinder Surprise and make your own minion!

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