How to promote YouTube channel?

Do you want to promote YouTube channel? Read about the principles of operation and promotion of videos on YouTube. Also read about 10 ways to promote YouTube channel

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Before we will talk about methods of promotion, you need to understand the principles of operation and promotion of videos on YouTube.

Honesty above all else

The popularity of the channel on Youtube depends primarily on the reaction of the audience to its contents. If a video is originally an obvious deception or clearly demonstrates the purpose - to cash in on visitors, the situation will not save neither disable comments or anything else. From negative reactions can keep only the sincerity and at least some return the viewer, even if the original author is pursuing commercial, even selfish goals. For example, a person engaged in the sale of vouchers or providing hotel reservation services, should download to his channel videos related to travel. In this case, people who are interested, will still go to the channel and watch the video, despite the purpose of conducting this video blog.


Money - not important!

In our time, for a certain amount, you can get almost all: from the beautiful pictures and the right content to the laudatory comments and reviews written by front men. Any site you can propel to the top and well advertised with money, even if there will be posted advertising of the goods of poor quality at unreasonably high prices. In most cases visitors believe a beautiful cover and do not guess that all this is hype, but this tactic will not work in the case of Youtube videos. Even if the comments are closed, users can always express their attitude to the uninteresting roller or bad product through button of dislike or complaint to the technical support of the site. Minimum damage that the author of the movie will receive in such a case - the loss of subscribers and popularity, the most well - canal lock at the site.

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Interesting and useful material - the key of success

Despite the fact that YouTube is becoming more and more popular, including as a commercial platform, there is still actual principle: an interesting channel will become popular in any case. It is not necessary to understand the methods of promotion or pay for it to roll out a channel on Youtube. Simply execute it truly unique, interesting and useful content. In this case the subscribers will appear by themselves and the popularity will grow.


10 best ways to promote youtube channel

1.Make a description for each video, prescribe the tags, and categories. Channel Promotion depends on in which the way will be drawn up the name and description of the video, on this issue depends the search at YouTube. Make the title and description informative and understandable, including all the details which will be discussed in the video. The more keywords included in the text - the better for the promotion, which will already take place practically without your intervention.

2. Leave links to videos in all possible places. Channel at YouTube you can promote with all the same references that are used for the promotion of the site. Of course, it's not as efficient, but it must be. Because this this technique confirmed in practice not for one time. It is particularly popular with the comprehensive promotion of the channel or video. Large efficiency have purchased links, and smaller - a links affixed manually. In general, this method of promotion is created to receive visitors, not only from YouTube but also with search engines Google and Yandex.

3. Sharing videos at the forums and in social networks. On the links People can react quite sharply to the links (perceived as spam or advertising), but the videos are quite normal. Therefore, you can instead of referring, embed video code. People will watch you and will not believe that it is spam if you will do everything carefully and appropriate.

4.Make video responses to other videos on YouTube. Get new viewers and subscribers you can still using the video responses to popular videos that are viewed by thousands of viewers per day. But here you need to properly make a video response, it must entirely fit the theme of another video. In response try not to use swearing, on the contrary praise the author and continue his thought.

5. Add as many videos as you can. It contributes to rapid promotion. Who will faster become a popular channel - with 10 movies or with 1000 movies? The answer suggests itself. Therefore promote your channel on YouTube, try to update it very. You do not have to do a long video, this may be short videos about something important or interesting. A large amount of material will satisfy even the most demanding and dissatisfied.

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6. Encourage users to the action! The greater number of likes received the video in which the author at the end ask for likes. For example: "If you like this video, put the "Like"and subscribe to my channel!". This simple, at first glance, words really have a tremendous effect on the viewer. After all, it is really easy to put Like and subscribe.

7. Create a viral video. A great effect give viral videos that spread out across the network for one hour. But you will need a professionalism for creating a video that will be viral. Your channel just for one day can become popular! Try it!

8. Be friends with other videobloggers. Friendship with bloggers on YouTube can help you too. Mention them in your videos, put links for them, comment their videos.

9. Each your video must meet all the fashion trends and seasons. It will be silly to review iPhone 5 when the iPhone 7 is already out.

10. Answer the questions and communicate with subscribers. You can even create a section "Video responses to comments”. It's even easier than spending time for typing, and you will not need to duplicate information.

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