Lil Kesh: will we have a YAGI boss after the singer leaves Olamide YBNL?

Will the ways of Olamide and Lil Kesh really part? Find out the news about the young YAGI boss.

These days many of the celebrity news are posted on various social media and we get them from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The buzz about Lil Kesh leaving YBNL boss Olamide and his record label has been stirred up by a new Instagram post. Lil Kesh confirmed the rumors and stated that he really is breaking up with YBNL Nation.

Lil Kesh

Why does Lil Kesh leave Olamide?

The truth must be told – his contract with the record label has ended few weeks ago. It lasted for 2 years and it is over now. Surely, they could renew it. The old one included one album and three more videos. At this Olamide has gone an extra mile and shoot 5 videos instead.

will we have a YAGI boss

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Lil Kesh - A new YAGI boss?

Well, yes, seems like Lil Kesh is to start the YAGI records and become its boss. He hopes to obtain assistance from his old boss Olamide. Baddo is not only willing to produce new stars, but he helps and supports new enterprises like that.

YAGI boss after the singer leaves Olamide YBNL?

Lil Kesh remains thankful to Olamide for his assistance and faith in him. He says that without it he would be lost on the streets. So, basically YBNL and YAGI is one family, it is not just about business, fame or money. Even though the artistes part their ways, but they remain bonded together.

Lil Kesh 2016

Olamide on his side has also spoken of Lil Kesh departure. He approves of him starting the YAGI records, but it will keep on working and cooperating with the YBNL management.

The gossip is ended and now we know for sure about the new YAGI boss Lil Kesh and we welcome him and wish him luck. We are glad the two famous and talented musicians did not part their way over a quarrel! 

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