Naked Attraction: What do you think of a new American dating show?

Have you heard about new American TV Show where all participants must be naked? What is it and what do people think about it? Find out the info which will shock you in this article and share your opinion!

Naked Attraction?

What is Naked Attraction? This is a new format of the dating show. Its creators claim that the main concept of the idea is that date should start where good dates usually end – naked.  All people are very influenced by clothes, make-up, filtered photos, push-up bras and so on. Because of this, it 's hard to find love.

Naked Attraction

According to the rules of the TV show, six potential naked suitors line up in various colored boxes and a contestant has to pick one, after seeing their body. When there are just two contenders left,  the person who is choosing between them, has to get naked too before making the final choice. The eventual couple goes on a fully clothed date.

Channel 4’s Naked Attraction

Is this TV show successful?

The first contestant of the Channel 4’s Naked Attraction said that she is looking forward to seeing participants with their clothes on. However, the TV Show makers told that some of the participants are fall in love and dating now, while some of them are not.

dating show

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What do other people think?

If we analyze reactions of TV Show viewers on Twitter, it is clear that they are quite contradictive. Some people were horrified, while some of them were pleasantly impressed. One of the guys had an elephant’s head tattooed around his crotch, which was just terrible and viewers haven’t understood why this was happening.

Some people asked when there will be the version with celebrities while some were perplexed by the show’s existence. Interested to know, how participants will go to work next day after being in this show?

new format show

So, what do you think about it? Is it a revolutionary new format show or just a disgusting view? Share your opinion in comments!

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