Nollywood deaths: Genevieve Nene rising actress is dead

Nollywood suffers another grave loss - young actress Genevieve Nene. Find out more.

2016 has indeed become a sad year for Nollywood with high death toll among its actors and actresses. Here is another grieving story of the rising actress who has recently passed away.

Nollywood deaths: Genevieve Nene

Nollywood deaths: Genevieve Nene

She has died in Lagos just few days ago on May 3rd, 2016. Genevieve Nene was very young and has recently started her career in Nollywood. Nevertheless, she has been featured in several movies, such as She has featured in movies such as Quest Of A Life Time, Hottest Strippers, Mistake Women Make, Hottest Virgins, and Romantic Heart.

Genevieve Nene rising actress is dead

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Genevieve’s death was not an unexpected one. She has made several posts on Instagram sharing about her health problems. She asked people to pray for her healing as she was feeling very ill. Still, she did not quit her job and kept on working on one of the new movies.

 Genevieve Nene is dead

On May 4th Ike Nnaebue officially confirmed her death, but he did not disclose all the details and causes of it. R.I.P., Genevieve Nene. We are so sorry to lose another talented personality form Nollywood.

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