Nollywood is teaming up with Japan and France, what for?

Nollywood is a quickly developing and promising field in Nigeria's economy. Now we have even higher expectations because it is teaming up with France and Japan to create animated movies.

Nollywood actors

Nigeria is the second largest film industry in the world. Nollywood provides Africa a constant stream of films about love and honor, about AIDS, prostitution, and oil. In other words, movies about Africa. This, year 900 tapes will be released in Nigeria, which is twice more than American Hollywood.

This Wednesday, November 2, Japanese and French Embassies organized the second edition of the Animated film festival in Abuja.

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The Federal Government of Nigeria expressed its wish to establish a partnership with Japan and France in order to work on the animated movies. Such collaboration will help to strengthen Nigeria’s economy.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed revealed this news.

Filming process

Animated films industry is a quickly developing job market in Nigeria. It is able to bring money to the country and provide many young people with jobs. It is a large creative business field.

“With technology in the movie industry, the potentials are limitless,” said Alhaji Lai Mohammed, “We agreed to work together because the Japanese are developing this animation industry quite tremendously and they promised to partner with us again in capacity building."

French, Japanese and Nigerian animated films were screen at the Animated Film Festival which ended on November 5, 2016.

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