Olamide car is it more expensive than Davido car?

Both Olamide and Davido love fancy cars, but which one of them has the best automobile? Find out now.

We all like reading and watching news about popular stars. We are always eager to compare them and to find out, who is richer, more popular and successful. Today we will speak about two prominent musicians – Olamide Adedeji and David Adedeji Adeleke, and their garages. Both celebs are really keen on luxury vehicles. But who has the most expensive car? Let’s find it out.

Olamide car vs Davido car

David Adedeji Adeleke

Well, Davido car garage is something that can impress anyone. According to the reports, this recording artist is an owner of more than six exotic vehicles by now. The list of the most striking Davido cars includes the following:

Davido car garage

  • Range Rover Sport SUV,
  • Mercedes G-Wagon,
  • Porsche Turbo,
  • Audi Q7,
  • Chevrolet Camaro,
  • Honda accord.
    Davido garage

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Their prices are impressive, let’s put them in order:

Davido car garage 2016

  • N35 million, which is $175.9 K,
  • N30 million, equivalent to $150.8 k,
  • N22 million, which is $110.6 k worth,
  • N10 million – $50.3 k,
  • N6 million – $30.2 k,
  • N5 million – $25.2 k.
    Davido new car Range Rover Sport

Davido new car was purchased in 2015. It is number one in his list as the costliest – Range Rover Sport SUV.

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Olamide Adedeji

Olamide car garage

He is another hip-hop artist, known as passionate car-lover. His garage includes such exotic examples as:

Olamide Adedeji cars

  • Range Rover Sport, which is N13 million or $65.3 k worth,
  • Mercedes G-Class, which was bought for over N20 million or $100.5 k.
    Olamide car garage

Olamide latest carswere purchased on Christmas of 2014. They are expensive enough, but anyway their prices are a bit far from Davido’s ones’. Besides, they are not that numerous. That’s why there is nothing to surprise that Olamide is just the third in the ranking of the biggest car-lovers with the costliest vehicles. The second one is Wizkid, by the way.

Olamide car and Davido car

Now you are able to compare Davido and Olamide cars and to decide whose car is more expensive. The answer is obvious though. Davido is number one by now. But we may expect some changes soon. Let’s

follow their success and purchases in the news and find out.

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