Omoni Oboli: how rich Wives On Strike movie has made her?

Has Omoni Oboli become the queen of Nollywood box office? Learn the story now.

Why is Omoni Oboli in the news? Well, her new movie is a must see for all Nigerian. Find out more about this new Nollywood success.  

Omoni Oboli

Short Omoni Oboli biography

The actress was born back in 1978 in Benin City of Edo State. Her acting career begun in 1996 after the graduation, but then she had over 10 years of break in it. She got back to the movie industry in 2009. All this time Omoni Oboli dedicated to her married life and family.

 Wives On Strike movie

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Her first movie after the return was The Figurine. However the true success came to her only in 2016 with the role in Wives on Strike film.

Awards of Omoni Oboli and money from Wives on Strike

Awards of Omoni Oboli

Formerly she won the Best Actress award in 2010 in Los Angeles and big screen actress award in 2014 form ELOY. Even in the past her movies got high box-office returns and if you compare her to other actors, she leads by her cumulative earning of over N168 000 000.

The latest 2016 Nollywood movie Wives on Strike became a real success and boosted her total box office revenue to over N228,000,000 . Now Omoni Oboli has truly become the most lucrative actress in Nigerian cinema industry. Already more than 70 thousand people watched her new film and that number keeps on growing!



Many actresses zazanayut fame through the movie, because now a lot of people looking tenlevizor, especially different movies. Those films which have brought great success and bring a lot of money, and so will melt people actress very rich millionaires. I also love to watch different films, and especially where they play the role well. I kind of news is very interesting, because we watch a movie or even znae what reality these actors in reality. We do not even know their real name, but with such statte know everything.

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