Oscar 2016 – the mystery unveiled and DiCaprio finally rewarded!

Wonder who got Oscars this year and if DiCaprio finally got one? Learn now and get all the Hollywood news.

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony has finally come to the end! It was carried out on the 28th of February. Well, who were the nominees? Who managed to win Oscar 2016? You will probably be surprised by the results! Let’s get to know them!

Oskar 2016

Oskar 2016 nominations

To get the prize from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the greatest honor for many actors and actresses. Some of them have to wait and to work hard to finally get it. The others receive the golden statue every year. Well, let’s consider the most prominent nominations:

Oskar 2016 most prominent nominations

  • The Best picture,
  • The Best director,
  • The Best actress/actor,
  • The Best supporting actress/actor,
  • The Best Original/Adopted Screenplay,
  • The Best documentary etc.

The awards were also received for sound, editing, design, visual effects, and some other things.

Now let’s see, who has become the most outstanding winners in Hollywood that evening:

 most outstanding winners in Hollywood

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  • Alejandro González Iñárritu got the statue for the Directing of The Revenant movie.
  • Brie Larson got her reward as the Best Actress in a Leading role in Room.
  • Mark Rylance received Oscar for the Supporting role in Bridge of Spies.
  • Jenny Beavan became the Best Costume Designer for the film Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Charles Randolph and Adam McKay took Oscar for the Best Adopted Screenplay.
  • The movie Spotlight became the Best Picture.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio finally managed to get Oscar as the Best Leading Actor for The Revenant.

There were several other winners, but the ones listed above deserve to be mentioned by all means. The full list is available on the Internet.

Surprises of Oscar 2016

Well, 2016 Oscar predictions came true! Everyone was waiting for so long to know who would become the Best Actor. DiCaprio’sfans all over the world took their breath and hoped he would finally get this well-deserved award. And their hopes were justified! After more than 20 years of hardworking and waiting, Leonardo DiCaprio has managed to prove that he is not just a pretty face. He is a prominent and gifted actor.

2016 Oskar

This actor has been nominated for many times for all these years. Lots of people claim that he must have to get Oscar long time ago (for his role in Titanic). However, it happened only now. And the movie The Revenant got the praises of critics from the very beginning.

winner DiCaprio

After announcement of the winner, DiCaprio received standing ovation from the crowd. He used his speech to say about the necessity to stop climate change and to acknowledge the importance of the moment. He has said that he does not take this award for granted. And we should not take our planet for granted as well. Concerning the movie itself, he later told the reporters that it was a great journey for him.

2016 Oscar predictions

Nowadays Leo is very concerned about climate changes and even takes part in charity on this behalf.

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Thus, Leo has come his way starting as a cute face and has finally become a significant figure in Hollywood. 

Next year, we will see the next ceremony. What will happen? Who will become the next winners? Some of the actors and moviemakers may surprise us, as DiCaprio has done this year. Let’s wait and see!


In Los Angeles in the 88th times awarded the prize "Oscar". The formal winner by the number of statues has become a post-apocalyptic blockbuster "Mad Max: fury Road". The award for best male role finally went to Leonardo DiCaprio for the film Alejandro gonzález Inarritu "Survivors". Himself Inarritu won the prize for best Director. Iñárritu before the ceremony formally went to the main favorites – most nominations (12), a fine critic, a pile of less important awards on the way to Oscar. However, the academics decided that two years in a row to do the main winner of the film of the same Director (in 2015 all the major Oscars went to "Birdman") a bit too much. And writing iñárritu the award for best Director (also, in General, debatable), more "Survivors" are awarded ("DiCaprio has finally found his").

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