Ozzy Osbourne records voiceover for Disney

Is Disney going to change its image completely? What would be the role of the famous heavy metal musician in their new animated series? Find out now!

Ozzy Osbourne

It seems like new Disney cartoons aren’t going to be the same anymore! This time they invited Ozzy Osbourne to make a voiceover for their new project 7D.

This is animated series that represents itself the old story of a Snow White in a modern interpretation. What is even more exciting, the family of the rock star is also going to take part in the show.

Disney invited his wife and his daughter too. Their roles were claimed as the Duke and Duchess of Drear.

They are supposed to be the parents and their daughter will also play the child of the couple in the animated series!

The journalists looked behind the scenes and found the musicians rehearsing for the recordings together.

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne seems to be really proud that she is going to play the daughter of her parents!

The family seemed very happy: they were laughing together and Ozzy was trying to teach Kelly how to sing his most famous songs.

More about the rock star

Ozzy is 67 years old and he comes from Egland. Osbourne became popular when he started to sing in the famous metal band called Black Sabbath.

Later he gave up his career as a part of the group and decided to start his own project. He was very famous due to his weird out-there performances.

Moreover, in 2000s he also showed himself as an actor in the show that was also made up by him and called The Osbournes.

Ozzy Osbourne

Early life

Ozzy is obviously the alias – the musician’s real name is John Michael. It might be fair to state that the heavy metal band Black Sabbath became so well-known due to Osbourne’s talent.

However, even when he left the ensemble the fans wouldn’t have stopped listening to their music. What is more, the personality of Ozzy Osbourne became highly influential for the evolution of rock and metal.

He has made a huge impact on modern rock music. As for his childhood, it wasn’t that easy. He came from a poor family and he wasn’t actually a good kid.

Ozzy quitted school when he was still a kid and had to work and even steal. Later he even got in jail for his misconducts. And it was there where he started being interested in music.

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At first the band that he formed was called the Earth. They played rock but it was still the same genre as the other contemporary groups performed.

However, as they started experimenting, their audience extended and the sound of their music became completely different. They added more heaviness and distortions into it.

That’s how they were noticed by the producers. Their music was something that the public hasn’t heard before and that’s what made them so famous.

The name “The Earth” was already taken by other band so when the musicians wanted to make it official and sign a contract they changed it to Black Sabbath.

Ozzy Osbourne

As the time passed they were only gaining more and more popularity. Their music basically formed a new culture and there appeared more bands similar to them.

They used a lot of religious references and created a gothic mood. This is the reason why the public’s opinion about Black Sabbath was so different.

Osbourne as a solo singer

On the peak of his career in Black Sabbath, Ozzy suddenly decided to leave as he wanted to perform as a solo musician.

Even though the audience and the critics didn’t expect him to become successful without his band, his records actually became very famous and well-sold.

In the 80s he released another two albums called Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. He kept the style and all his fans supported him with his decision to become independent.

Later he released more albums and continued touring. However, few years later he couldn’t perform that well anymore because of his drug problem.

The Osbournes show

But in 2000s Ozzy Osbourne decided to restart his career and go for acting. He starred in the reality show about himself and his family called The Osbournes.

This TV show was slightly different from the standards that people were used to and maybe that is the reason why it actually became very successful. MTV earned a lot on this TV show.

The programme showed Ozzy doing housework and other really easy everyday things but the way the whole show was filmed seemed very attractive to the audience.

Ozzy Osbourne

However, in 2002 the comedy was stopped as the wife of Osbourne got a deadly sickness – cancer. So in a few years the show ended and Ozzy decided to go on a tour with his former band Black Sabbath.

Later all the musicians were happy to get their star in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A lot of famous heavy metal and hard rock bands consider them as a role model and dedicate their songs to them and especially to their frontman.

Even though Ozzy had a drug problem, he never gave up. Even now he is still performing and working on the new albums. Occasionally the musician goes on a tour with his former colleagues.

His family consists of him, his wife Sharon and three kids. Moreover, he also has children from his ex-wife.


Ozzy and Sharon married about thirty years ago and their marriage seems to have a lot of problems. First of all, the drug problem of the rocker makes the relationships a lot more difficult.

The media announces that the famous couple are thinking of a divorce. They claim Ozzy’s addiction to be a primary reason for that.

However, Ozzy and Sharon themselves don’t share any comments on this topic.

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