Rib Cracking, Isn't It?

A man got so desperate to ride a horse so he decided to rent one. He paid the man in charge and mounted the horse but it refused to move. Then he asked the man in charge "wats up with your horse? it refuses to move." the man replied "oh, that's because you don't know its password". he now said "Praise the lord" and the horse began to move.

They kept on moving and the man decided to stop the horse and started to say praise the lord but the horse began to move even faster the more he said it. They were approaching a river and would drown. The man decided to say his last prayers. He did and concluded with "Amen". Immediately the horse stoped and they were right at the edge of the ocean. The man was so surprised at the miracle and shouted "Praise the Lord".

Guess what?

The Horse ran into the water and they both drowned.

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this is an old & over said joke, d topic shud b tear dropin, isn't i

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