Rio Olympics 2016: What's the story behind the biggest music-driven ads?

Do you want to learn more about the ads that were made for the sponsors of this year’s Olympic Games? Read this article to find out what they are all about!

music-driven ads

We tend to think of Rio Olympics 2016 as a huge sport event but do we even know how much more there is to it? How about the huge amount of money spent on broadcasts, lights, music and advertisements?

According to the sources, the organizers have already spent about one billion dollars to make this year’s Summer Olympics truly unforgettable experience available for anyone.

Ads have always played an important role in planning such events.

Therefore, we should appreciate all the PR-managers and businessmen who made it possible for us to enjoy the competitions between the best athletes in the world.

Moreover, advertising isn’t a typical business – it can be a lot of fun both for workers and the audience. It would be hard to disagree that sometimes the good quality ads make us smile.

Therefore, let’s check out the biggest music-driven ads.

1. "Time after Time" - McDonald’s

The Time after Time video is really impressive and even touching, according to Monaco. This video is indeed a very interesting experiment which reveals the details of the relationship between the girl and her father.

It represents itself two parallel stories. The screen is divided in 2 parts – on the first one you can see the childhood of the father and the second one represents the little girl at present time.

They are doing the same things and it’s very cute and touching how the little boy cares about his “future” daughter and shares everything with her. It’s a very interesting concept of time travelling.

In the end of the video little boy shares McNuggets with her and gets closer. That’s when we realize it’s the girl’s dad.

2. "Rock the Bells" - Royal Caribbean

The song that was used for this video is called "Rock the Bells" and it’s performed by Boys Noize.

music-driven ads

The tune is really catchy and the creators are sure that from now on this song will be associated with their product which in this case is Royal Caribbean.

Originally this song is the more modern interpretation of the song “Take Me to the Mardi Gras.” In general, the creators are content with their work.

If you watch the video you will probably be amazed by really professional shots that introduce you to the world of Royal Caribbean.

The video basically tries to convince you that this is not what you are used to – this is much better. That’s why in the end of it you can see how much emphasize they put on it (“It’s not Caribbean, it’s Royal Caribbean).

3. "Couldn't Ask For A Better Friend" - Folgers Coffee

The Folgers Coffee ad is really touching! You can’t be left indifferent after you watch it. It follows the path of the young boy who is struggling to become an athlete and shows his relationships with his coach.

We see that he supports him no matter what – from the time when he was a little boy to his adulthood.

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By the end of the video the grown-up athlete comes to visit his old coach and it becomes clear that he has made it to the Olympic Games. The regular support of the coach is the metaphor for drinking coffee on a regular basis.

Basically the creators of the ad wanted to reassure you that you need to stay positive and energized all the time in order to become successful. And they suggest that their coffee will be a great help.

More great examples of ads

There is no doubt that music plays an integral role in advertising. It needs to be memorable – so that customers will associate the sound with a particular product.

And it’s very interesting to watch how the advertising industry and the music written for it have evolved over time.

Nowadays different kinds of brands use different kinds of music and this diversity is what makes us interested in watching and then buying the actual product. Check out the list of the most successful music tracks for ads.

1. Rhapsody in Blue for United Airlines

music-driven ads

Rhapsody in Blue was a great choice because this song is world-famous.

This way most of the people who have travelled with United Airlines at least once will always think of the company when they hear it playing on the radio.

The ad used to be really popular and it was the part of the series “Fly the Friendly Skies.” The ad was really successful and it made United even more popular.

2. The Power Is On for Play 60

Some experts claim that it’s not logical for the advertising company to use songs that are not known to the public because people are likely to easily forget both the tune and the product.

However, there are exceptions to everything. A great example would be the song “The Power Is On”. This song actually became really popular itself after the ad came out.

3. Fly Me Away for Amazon Kindle

music-driven ads

What do you think of when you hear this song? Most people would answer that they associate “Fly Me Away” with cosiness. But have you ever thought why you feel like reading when you hear this song?

It’s all because it was used in the ad of Amazon Kindle – basically the e-book. 

4. The Clapping Song for Volkswagen

The Clapping song was a great choice for the advertisement of Volkswagen. It’s catchy and it makes you want to move a little. There is a really special atmosphere in the video – it’s very positive and encouraging.

And it surely makes you want to clap!

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