Top news maker in Nigeria 2015 – Do you know them?

If you follow the news daily, you should know these key Nigerian news makers by their name! Check out what you know about these folks.

Do you like watching news? Always looking for something interesting? Nigeria is famous for its prominent news makers! Who are they? Find out here and now.

top news maker nigeria 2015

Top Nigerian news makers

Now let’s observe the most remarkable, prominent, and striking public personas ever. Consider the following list:

  1. Muhammadu Buhari
    muhammadu buhari

    He is the sixth and current president of Nigeria. He is also a former Army major general and the Head of State (1983-1985). There was even the term Buharism created during his military government. He is probably the most frequent figure in the news. He has tried to run for the President office several times – in 2003, 2007, and 2011. These attempts were not successful, but he finally managed to occupy the office in 2015. He call himself a converted democrat. Many people talk about him, as he, once being a military ruler, has become the elected head of state.

    Buhari used to be strong Islamist, but he eventually came to the conclusion that in such a diverse country, Sharia cannot be applied without exception. He does not support Boko Haram as well (terrorist group, which is responsible for the majority of shootings and bombings in the recent years). He is now the first opposition candidate to win presidential elections, since Nigeria has gained independence from its colonial power, Great Britain, in 1960.

    Buhari is so popular in media, probably because of his significant changes. In 2001, he was advocating the implementation of Sharia in every part of Nigeria. But in months leading up to his electoral triumph, he has already stressed his support for religious freedom. Another shift happened in 2012. He rejected overtures from Boko Haram to act as intermediary in talks with government, at the same time, he kept criticizing the force applied against the group’s power base in the north of Nigeria. However, a bit later, he condemned Boko Haram’s kidnapping of about 270 children from a school in the northern Borno state. After this, Buhari successfully escaped assassination attempt by that group.
  2. Nnamdi Kanu
    nnamdi kanu

    He is a director of such popular and controversial radio station as Biafra Radio. Besides, he is leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. He is called the newsmaker of the year. Kanu is famous for his striking announcements. You have probably heard about Biafra case and can understand that this issue concerns the independence of this part of Nigeria.

    This man is often sued. Last time it happened in October 2015 with the Biafra vs Nigeria court case. He was arrested in Lagos by State Security Service and charged with terrorism and conspiracy. However, the charges were dropped off later. The detention was prolonged anyway and he is still expected to appear in court on the 18, January. His supporters are really angry with this.

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  3. Goodluck Jonathan
    Goodluck Jonathan

    This former Nigerian president is another newsmaker. He actually did a lot for the country during his rule. First of all, he has started a presidential initiative for the northeast of Nigeria. Besides, he has initiated special rehabilitation programme and has improved infrastructure. Economic growth has become faster. What is more, he has managed to stop Ebola virus threat. Nevertheless, nowadays there are people who claim, he is a war criminal and his hands are in blood. They say, many people have died, while he shared innocent blood in concert with Boko Haram.
  4. Aliko Dangote
    aliko dagnote
    It is hard not to become famous, when you are a billionaire! He is the richest man in Nigeria and in Africa. Now he is current CEO and a founder of Dangote Group. He was also the one behind the reconciliation of Olamide and Don Jazzy’s following a mega rift which occurred between the two at the Headies awards on January 1, 2016. His fortune totals more than $3 billion. He is also one of Nigerians, listed in Forbes. He is involved in almost every sector of economy. He is fighting poverty by supporting local production in Nigeria.
  5. Tony Elumelu
    Tony Elumelu

    He is one more Nigerian billionaire. He has managed to create 10,000 African entrepreneurs within 10 years. Moreover, he has initiated Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. He is fighting for creating more jobs for African people. Besides, Elumelu wants to support younger generation by taking future in their hands and starting new businesses.

These people are really prominent. Everyone knows their names. All the Nigerians keep discussing their lives and follow them in the news!

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