Top ten richest Nollywood actresses – 2015

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Nollywood filming industry keeps on prospering. Today is has grown to become an employer of over 1 million people in Nigeria. Plus, it has helped its prominent actors and actresses to become rather wealthy. Our top ten richest Nollywood actresses list will uncover the ones, who have benefited from it the most.

Top ten richest Nollywood actresses – 2015

These fair ladies have been able not only to become famous and well-loved in Nigeria. They have done good job on capitalizing their talents. They have started small, but presently their film script fees have rose to several millions naira per Nollywood movie.

  1. Kate Henshaw
    Net worth: over 330 000 USD dollars
    This actress has been in over 40 Nollywood movies and today her average per script fees come up to 5 million naira. Besides being the Globalcom ambassador she has signed several other profitable deals. One of them is the contract with a perfume company through which she has become a face of the Blessing Perfume.
    Kate Henshaw
  2.  Ini Edo
    Net worth: over 300 000 USD dollars
    And no wonder, as she has managed to be on over 200 movies. Even though her fee per movie is much smaller than that of Kate, the overall worth has almost equaled her. In average she gets paid around 700 000 naira per script. One of her endorsement deals includes Dukwe. This makes her one of the top ten richest in Nigeria among the actresses.
    Ini Edo
  3. Genevieve Nnaji
    Net worth: around 300 000 USD dollars
    It is not for nothing that she is called African Julia Roberts. Her earnings and fees are similarly high. At times she makes up to 10 million naira per movie. That puts her among the first on out top ten richest Nollywood actresses list.  Plus, she has been able to make several lucrative endorsement deals, such as a deal with BMW, which brought her over 100 million naira.
    Genevieve Nnaji
  4. Omotola Jalade
    Net worth: 250 000+ USD dollars 
    This Nigerian lady has started her career in cinema back in 1995. Since that time she has been filmed in 300+ productions. Presently she makes up to 5 million naira per script. Her ambassador deals include contracts with Ghandour cosmetics. This and other endorsements have brought her millions of naira. 
    Omotola Jalade
  5. Rita Dominic
    Net worth: 250 000 USD dollars
    No wonder she is on the list of Nollywood actresses. She gets paid over 1.5 million naira per script. Since the start of her career she has been featured in over 100 Nollywood movies. The endorsements she had involve Keystone bank deal. Most likely this contract would provide her with additional couple million naira.
    Rita Dominic
  6. Mercy Johnson
    Net worth: 230 000 USD dollars
    This girl can easily get up to 2 million naira per film. Her filming career includes being featured on over 60 movies. Even though she does not get many endorsement deals now, she used to have them in the past. 
    Mercy Johnson
  7. Patience Ozokwor
    Net worth: around 230 000 USD dollars
    Her career certainly has been fruitful with over 200 Nollywood productions on her list. She can ask for as much as 1.5 million naira per script and get the money out of film producers. This actress knows how to close some of the most lucrative deals. She is the MTN ambassador with multimillion money gains.
    Patience Ozokwor
  8. Chioma Akpotha
    Net worth: 220 000 USD dollars
    Every time she gets to use her talent, it brings her around 1.5 million naira per script. She has been filmed in over 62 movies and closed some great deals, such as the one with the Glo Company, which made her an ambassador of this brand.
    Chioma Akpotha
  9. Monalisa Chinda
    Net worth: 210 000 USD dollars
    This lady is not only an actress, but a producer as well. She gets a 1 million naira per movie easily. She is a Glo ambassador and this deal alone has brought her no less than 30 million naira.
    Monalisa Chinda
  10. Uche Jombo
    Net worth: 200 000 USD dollars
    The last one on our top ten richest Nollywood actresses – 2015 list gets at least half a million naira per movie. She has been featured in over 30 movies made by Nollywood. Uche is one of the lucky girls who signed a deal with Dukwe.
    Uche Jombo

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These ladies do not waste their time and money. They love to have good homes and luxury life. Here are few interesting facts on the most valuable and expensive assets of the Nollywood stars:

  • Fancy cars
    There are few girls there among the boys, such as Daniella Okeke with her large Range Rover how wheels.
  • Fancy homes Nollywood actresses – 2015
    GENEVIEVE NNAJI tops the list of the movie stars with the fanciest and most expensive mansions. Her Lagos house costs rise up to incredible 220+ million naira. UCHE JOMBO is another lover of cozy and costly abodes. She has been building her huge Lagos estate and has turned it into one of her primary investments.
  • Accessories
    Again Genevieve Nnaji is the first one on our list. She loves fancy clothes and things. Just imagine that her yellow cute clutch costs over 1 million naira!

 Certainly the ladies from our top ten richest Nollywood actresses have great taste to complete their talents and achievements in African cinema world. Fast development of this industry in Nigeria promises them great future and possibility of the worldwide fame. 

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Certainly all Nigerian actress very beautiful and talented. Some other rich are slightly smaller fortune, but all interesting to watch, to observe the performance of different roles. Just those richer Kate Hensho example, perhaps a bit schaslyvishi. They just better fortune smiles for some good roles, paid more. Another, though they may have more talent, luck less. But without much exhausting work and will not work, no matter how talented you are.

Answered 2 years ago.

Нигерийские женщины так прекрасны, что просто нет слов. Нигерийское кино всегда заставляло меня испытывать всё новые и новые эмоции, а теперь, когда я вижу, что прекрасные девушки из Нигерии становятся всё популярнее и богаче, моё сердце бьётся быстрее и радостнее. Мне очень приятно видеть, что такие юные молодые женщины из Нигерии уже состоялись в жизни, разбогатели. Наблюдая за тем, как растут, процветают и богатеют нигерийские актрисы, я становлюсь всё более заинтересованным в их новых ролях в кино, мне становятся интересны подробности их личной жизни, ибо это так увлекательно и так захватывающе.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very pretty woman, and worthy of respect. Has achieved such heights in Hollywood, for which he obtained so much money. They are all different among themselves, but they all share a strong steel character, because some under the yoke of society breaks down, and they have achieved their goals. And as said above in the comment, these women from East Africa, despite the fact, as previously belonged to black, had proved its right and the rights of the whole nation that they are the same as other people and no need to judge a person by the color of their skin, the main soul talent.

Answered 2 years ago.

What great! These women have achieved popularity & they are talented and& beautiful! My favorite Kate Henshav - very nice and hardworrking. I love her. Films with her all revised))) To achieve such heights, &and thisis excellent earnings - not easy task, but sheis was able realize their goals & dreams. Strong character, great work & lack ofthe most importtant enemy of all people - laziness, &and these women were able to self-actuallization. I wish u all up as example of thesse remarkable women who inspire them to victory & be come every day more & more succcessful!

Answered 2 years ago.

These women are worthy an applause! I consider, that each person on a planet, even from the smallest small town can achieve heights and be pulled out in people. And, these women from East Africa simply good fellows! Not only that they have proved, that black people are capable on much, and thus have not lost human feelings, such as: love, kindness, sympathy and support. Their families too good fellows, wait and support them during shootings and absence of the house. For their families they are not important rich or not!

Answered 2 years ago.

Kate Hensho most expensive actress. In her biggest assets. Probably gets good income from signing lucrative deals. She also brings a good income agreement with perfume company, and the fact that she became the face of Blessing spirits. Because the number of films which Kate withdrawn low as compared to the rest of the richest Hollywood stars. But all this actress was not easy to achieve such results. Filming is hard work.

Answered 2 years ago.

I really admire Monalisa Chinda. I think tahtshe is brilliantactress and exceptional person. For many years i have been following her careare and her progress was enormos. i feel like people when they are rick they usually become selfish, epoists and selfcentered. But with Monalisa it is clearly not the case. She is fun, gental, carying and lovely woman, you can nothelp but admire that time of people. I am sure that other actresses are good to, but she is my idol, and trye admoration like this never ends

Answered 2 years ago.
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