Uche Jombo lesssons: how to deal with internet trolls?

Struggling with weight loss or gain or other issues? Find out what Uche Jombo did when she got trolled on Internet about being too fat.

Recently Uche Jombo, well-known Nollywood actress, has given birth to the beautiful boy. Because of childbirth, the star has gained weight. She couldn't lose it completely. It has caused rough reaction in the Internet. Many people called her fat. However, it hasn't upset the actress. She is completely happy with her appearance. The woman doesn't understand indignation of her admirers and internet trolls. Therefore, she has decided to give them a good advice: ‘There is a set of other things on which it is worth worrying. And my weight obviously doesn't concern them. Where your energy is directed onto? You should pay attention to more important problems, existing in your real life’.

Uche Jambo lesssons

The colleague of Uche Jombo, Chioma Akpotha, has given her a support.

 how to deal with internet trolls

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She has joined discussion in Instagram where importunate people accused the woman of overweight. ‘Who has made you the judge of Uche?’ – The actress said. After long dispute with trolls who wrote offensive phrases such as ‘I have thought that this is a panda’, ‘Be more carefully, you can get sick with diabetes’, co-star of the actress has written her opinion. ‘I am overflowed with emotions and can't be silent. I want to state my point of view in more detail. Why you consider correct to write insults, sitting on other side of the screen?

Uche Jambo

It seems to me that all those girls who write it are unfortunate, because the happy person won't be so angry. You think Uche doesn't know that she has gained weight? She has no mirror in her house? And you don't want to ask where she was all the time before her first kid was born. She has overcome several unsuccessful pregnancies. Imagine, what happened to her body after that. Do you really feel happy when you offend others? Uche is happy anyway, and she never needed weight loss’.

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