WarCraft 2016: What are critics saying about the movie?

What are the opinions of the professionals about the Warcraft 2016 movie? Find out now.


The critics have shared their opinion about the new movie that came out recently. That is the Warcraft Movie which was made on the basis of the video games and the storybook. It introduces the special world called Azeroth.

Critics give different comments about the World of Warcraft movie.

For example, Time Magazine says that the Warcraft 2016 film is only suitable for those people who really have nothing else to do. Otherwise, it is totally not worth spending two hours of your time watching it.

New York doesn’t have such negative comments. They only emphasize that World of Warcraft became a big thing now.

It is represented by all kinds of means of entertainment like video games, books, comic books and even souvenirs. That’s why it was a logical step to make a movie.

Washington Post representatives are not satisfied with the result. They think that there was no point of directing such a film.

 Rolling Stone explains that the director himself is a talented person but the Warcraft movie was not his best product. Maybe his next projects will be more impressive.


Entertainment Weekly describes the movie as a really annoying one. The reviews say that it’s almost like getting beat up. They are certainly not happy with the Warcraft film.

USA Today has some other comments. They say that for people who haven’t played a game, the film might also be worth watching. There is some action and the elements of the fiction which make it rather interesting.

Variety describes it as a try to make a movie out of the apps for the smartphones. They think it was not a good idea to make this movie.

The Hollywood Reporter sees the Warcraft movie as the new way of expressing things.

The Wrap also wasn’t very excited with the movie. And they are sure that even the Warcraft Movie trailer is not impressive and that the director did a bad job making the movie.


It takes action in the world of Azeroth. Its population consists of the human beings. However, they have to deal with the race of orcs who are trying to take their place in order to become the rulers of their land.

When the Dark Portal between the worlds of the civilizations of the orcs and people opens, they have to make the decisions.


The two head leaders of both civilizations have to have a special meeting where they would have to decide what they are going to do with the war and how the future will look like for both races.

Travis Fimmel and Toby Kebbel are the main actors representing the leaders.

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More about the movie

Warcraft: The Beginning is the other title for the movie. The genre can be described as action or fantasy. The director and the scriptwriter is Duncan Jones.

However, there obviously were more people working on this project. As it was mentioned earlier, the movie was based on the video games and comic books.

While watching the movie you can notice that there are the same locations as in the video game. The cast is represented by a huge amount of actors.

The most well-known are Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell and the others. The movie shows the conflict between the races and also the ways they are trying to make things work out.

The stuff had been working on this Warcraft project for about 10 years. They made it together with the video games entrepreneurs.

The first show of the Warcraft was shown 4 days ago in the United States. However, it isn’t expected to make a profit at all as it has already received the huge amount of the negative criticism by the audience and the professional critics.


However, there is still hope for the team to receive the positive reviews. For example, they already got fans in Serbia, where thousands of people came to see it. Their reaction was actually not that bad. They left a lot of positive comments.

A lot of websites rate the movie as 4/10. A lot of users have an opinion that the director is just wasting his talent on some meaningless movies while he could have made something really worth watching.

There are also a lot of people saying that it’s really pointless to make movies based on the video games. They believe that these things need to exist as separate.

Most of the reviews are still negative and only about thirty percent of the comments argue that the movie is not that horrible.


The journalist Geoff Berkshire also has an opinion that the Warcraft Movie is useless and it can’t be interesting for anyone. He emphasizes that the plot itself is really primitive and you get bored very easily.

There are no actual conflicts and while watching you already know how the things will turn out.

Some other critics have an opinion that the film can even destroy the impression of the video game. They think that they added too many weird things to the actual content which made it a lot worse than the original.

They also say that there are too many characters and not that much action which is actually supposed to be there.

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