What are the best bachelorette party ideas?

Do you want to make your bachelorette party unforgettable? Read our tips to discover the best ideas!


We have created the list of the best ideas for the bachelorette party. They all are so different and can satisfy diverse tastes and budgets. So just choose one which you like!

1. Hire a stripper or go to watch striptease show

Striptease is a traditional idea for the party. However, it remains the most exciting and most popular in many countries.
dancers for bride

2. Make a photo session

You can spend all the day making crazy photos where you want. For example, you can go to a portrait studio and dress up in elaborate costumes. Later on, these pictures will be the memory of the last days of single life.
photo session nigeria

3. Pajamas or costume party

This idea is incredibly cheap and a great excuse to eat ice cream and chocolates the whole evening. You can just gather, watch movies, eat a lot, discuss everything and gossip a bit. Also, you can play a particularly hot game called “truth or dare.” It is a party game requiring two or more players. Players are given the choice between answering a question truthfully or performing a "dare", both of which are set by the other players. Questions must always be direct and answers must always be frank. It’s a good chance to learn many new facts about your friends!

costume party

4. Play poker

Instead of going all the way somewhere, why not just play poker at someone's house with great food and drinks? If you don't know how to play, hire someone to teach you all. It's a great game! Also, you can play some other board games.
game poker

5. Team up with boys

Who says bachelorettes have to be sex exclusive? Many couples have the same group of friends, making it easier to celebrate as a team.

boys and girls party

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6. Go to the road trip

It can be inexpensive two- or three-day journey to your favorite places. Just plan the trip carefully beforehand and make sure that your friends have no plans for this day.
trip bachelorette

7.Have a Scavenger Hunt.

If you are a group of friends and want to create a surprise for your bachelorette friend, why not make an elaborate scavenger hunt for her? One that involves a bit of traveling, solving riddles, talking to strangers, etc.
riddles for bride

8.Go to carnival, concert or any other event

You will meet a lot of people and have fun together. This day will be in your memory for ever!
bachelorette carnival

9. Celebrate on the beach

What can be better than sun, waves and everybody wearing a sexy swimsuit? You can arrange beach bachelorette party even with law budget.
beach party

10. Go to spa or sauna

Instead of getting horribly hungover and eating terribly, why not make it a weekend or day of replenishment?
bachelorette spa

11. Bungee jumping or skydiving

If you are a crazy person and your friends are crazy as well, have an unusual bridal shower full with extreme!
party extreme

Finally, the last tip: keep it moving! Start from the one activity and then change it to another. For example, you can begin from pajama party, then invite stripper or go to the club. It’s all about your imagination and desires. Just have fun this day and be happy!


Hi everyone in your class site! I love your articles and discussion! Very interesting topics featured on your site !!! As for cooking parties can talk day and night! After enough imagination to create unforgettable party for graduating undergraduate Lives !!! So to my ladies need to prepare the best and most luxurious dress, but according to the men prepare costumes! To look elegant! You can make a party dressed with the coolest competitions and challenges! Prepare a table with snacks and drinks! And certainly a lot of music and dancing !!!!!!

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