What are the best New Year wishes 2016?

Tis the season for hapiness and joy of the coming New Year. Learn to make the best wishes to your loved ones and yourself.

New Year is a special time of celebration and of opening up new prospective in life. It’s a new opportunity to start things all over and do your best in life. It’s a time for the best Happy New year wishes2016 and bold resolutions. Let’s take a look at what we can use to produce and craft amazing greeting SMS or greeting cards for those we love.

happy new year 2016

Best New Year messages:


It is something we all are after and to be happy means different things for different people. Just make this one and major wish to your loved ones:

wish you hapiness

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Nigeria needs it, Nigerians crave it! Any peace starts in the heart and then gets manifested in the world around us. Let us learn how to keep in inside always and spread it around us daily.

wish you peace

Leaving the past behind

Our past may have pain or disappointments in it. A good wish is to accept it, make peace with it and to move on into a happier and more fulfilling life. Here is a good wish on that.

new year wish 2016


Joy is the inner source of life and strength for us. Wish joy, give away joy and do not forget to become someone’s rainbow in the cloud during the tough times in life.

wish you joy


Make it one of your New Year greetings to people. Wish them to be well and to do well in the upcoming 2016 year. Be generous in your words and may God bless you.

best prosperity wish


It’s one of the key assets in life. No money, nothing can stand in its place. So, wish it away and receive it by faith in your own life.

best health wish

Best New Year resolutions:

new year resoltuion

New Year is the time to make some resolutions. These are the wishes turned into desires and decisions. You can make them for yourself. After all, it’s good to wish others to be well, but do not forget to wish something good to yourself!

How to make a resolution in 5 steps? 

New Year resoltuions animalsPick your most sacred dreams and desires, see how you can turn them into decisions. That is where the power to get them and do them comes from. Then word them and write them down on the New Year Eve. Keep them in your heart and in your mind. Do not wait for magic to happen and do them for you. Start making small steps towards fulfilling those resolutions and God would come out and meet you half-way to get them done!

Step #1: think about the last year

What do you wish to change in 2016? What steps can you take to do that? Write them down.

Step #2: shape your wish

Make it one line description or better use just three words to describe it. For example: health, money, house or marriage, babies, new job.

Step #3: turn wish into a resolution

Resolution is a decision. It has to be worded differently: I will eat healthy to stay healthy. I will learn new skills to get a better job. I will take good care of myself (lose weight or gain weight, etc.) to meet my hubby.

Step #4: get a plan
Think of what you can do to attain the desired results. Even the small things are good. Write them down.

Step #5: get support
Do not keep the resolution to yourself. Share it with your close friends or family. Let them ask you time to time about it and about how you are doing with it.

These tips would help you to come up with the best New Year wishes for 2016 and with the best and doable resolutions to make your life better. 

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New Year - holiday, that unites all people. Any other holidays can divide people by gender, religious, and many other conditions. But new year - a holiday all citizens of our country, it was he, personification of a miracle, and magic in our lives. It was at this day, people try cast away all bad things of past year, and in the new year taking with them all best. Wishes for new year allow people could talk and share about their feelings, hidden deep inside, with their relatives and friends. Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago.

I think, that the main wishes of New Year are health, peace and leaving your past behind. The best wish for our parents and relatives is of course health. I`m sure, the only wish of every son or daughter is watching their parents being healthy.

The second one is leaving your past behind. It`s very important do not mix up two different things, to transfer the problems of outgoing year in the new period and to leave your past behind. You shouldn`t keep your thoughts about anything what can`t been changed. You should let it go and avoid your past, which prevent you to move on.

War is a terrible thing. Every country in the world should strive for the peaceful settlement of conflicts.

Answered 2 years ago.

Useful recommendations for creation of a wish, I used them subconsciously for the last period. The most topical wish for families in my country is a wish of peace. My father-in-love and his comrades are in the field now. Men had to meet New Year in the blindage. Life without loss and war is the most desired for this year in many Ukrainian families. I wish everyone to be surrounded with cosiness, care and good. Live without loss, regret and disorder, enjoy every minute with close people and bring joy to world.

Answered 2 years ago.

"My dear, may the coming 2016 year bring you new joy and happy moments. Let not darken his illness and frustration. Let it be better than the previous one".

"Do not believe that leap year 2016 will be long and heavy. I believe that all sorrows and troubles will bypass your home party, and an extra day, February 29, will be especially joyful and interesting. After all, you don't deserve sorrows and tribulations".

"The monkey is a clever animal, clever and quirky. Therefore, the year of the monkey just can't bring difficulties and disappointments. May he be as funny and entertaining as the animals themselves".

"The new year is likely to be different: merry and sad, long and short, simple and complex. But let your life be good, kind, light will be a little more than a bad and heavy".

"Leave all your sorrows, troubles and sorrows in the past year. Forget about them and never spoil your life with memories of bad. Because there is still much new and interesting"

How difficult and unpredictable was not arranged our life, we should not forget about the warm words for his family on weekdays and holidays.

Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago.

it is actually a pretty good idea to think about the last year and what kind of resolution you have made and what are you intended to make in future. It will be better to wish your friends and family a lot of joy, health and wealth. Even if some people are regarding these wishes as incredibly trivial still it is a good idea to wish so. The essential think is weather or not you are wishing it from your heart. Because even one simple word can change another person`s life if it was said tenderly with love

Answered 2 years ago.

New Year's Eve heard many congratulations from friends, acquaintances, relatives. Wishes are different, but most everyone wants above all Health ", it's the most important thing in life. Also want peace in my heart and joy. This is very important when a person is calm soul by relatives and friends, there is no anxiety. When everything is planned and done brings a joy and happiness.

Also important is the wish wishes for peace. Everyone wants to live in peace, not to shed blood, killed relatives. And of course wish that all dreams come true. If a person believes in his dream it required "necessarily true

Answered 2 years ago.

Hi everyone here! Please accept my best greetings of the upcoming 2016 New Year! First of all varoto to wish everybody peace! This holiday, which is celebrated around the world! Coming to it much more quickly than December 31! Everyone is waiting for surprises, pleasant experiences and gifts under a festive Christmas tree! In every country there are traditions and customs of the celebration of this holiday, but all the people in the night exchanging wide variety of nice wishes and congratulations!

Answered 2 years ago.

New Year is probably one of the most important holidays of the year. We always look forward to this bright holiday. The new year is always fraught with many wonders and surprises. New year's celebration are our first family holiday. At this time we love to gather with our family and friends around a table, sing songs, tell jokes, give gifts and of course to say the most sincere wishes. We always prepare for this holiday responsibly, so wishes for the new year are always the most sensual and deep.

Answered 2 years ago.

I congratulate all on coming New Year! I wish good luck, health, monetary well-being that all desires were executed, all turned out also you your relatives pleased. Do not forget to write to New Year desire on листике, to burn and throw in a champagne. The desire will necessarily come true. So three years ago, me have diagnosed - barreness. I have thought of desire and already on January, 12th has learned, that it is pregnant! We with the husband were madly glad!

Happiness and love all!

Answered 2 years ago.

New Year big fabulous holiday, which is celebrated around the world. Probably not only children but also adults believe in miracles and dreams you think about that day. Moving into the new year all people leave everything bad in the old and new nadiyatsya that everything will be better. Today people all certainly wish family and friends health and prosperity. To wish came true this really need to want. And take certain steps in order to make it true. From ancient times, said that under a still stone gathers no moss. So with the desire that came true need something hot to do it.

Answered 2 years ago.

Welcome New Year…

We look forward to you

A year of wonderful happiness

A year of good health

A year of great success

A year of incredibly good luck

A year of continuous fun

A year of world peace

Happy New Year 2016


New Year is not about changing the Dates but Direction;

It's not about changing the Calendar but Commitment;

It's not about changing the Actions but Attitude;

It's not about changing the Fruit but Faith, Force and Focus!

May you Commit and Create the best New Year ever!

Answered 2 years ago.
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