What are the funniest bridal shower games?

Which games should you play during your bridal shower to make the party unforgettable? What are the best ideas of games which everybody will love? Check top ten bridal shower games!

bridal shower

A bridal shower is a party before the wedding, where the closest friends of the bride gather and present her gifts. This tradition comes from the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Recently, this custom became very common for Nigerians also. If you are going to have a wedding soon, or just take part in the organization of bridal shower, you probably started to think about the activities which can be arranged in the party. We have prepared the list with the ten games for bridal shower which everybody will love. They require no or just a little preparation, so you don't need to spend a lot of time on it.

the funniest games for party

1.    One lie and two truth

This is the best game to play when you just have gathered together, and most guests do not know each other well. This is a really funny game which will help you to break the ice. The rules are so that every friend should tell three stories of the experience they had with the bride. The trick here is that one story should be a lie, and two are true. After that, other guests should guess what story was the lie.  Believe, there will be a lot of laughing! In addition, this is the best opportunity for the bride to remember all the best moments of her single life.

One lie and two truth

2.    Bedroom words

"Bedroom words" is a very naughty game which will surprise all the guests. When the bride opens her gifts, someone should write all words which she will say. After the gifts are opened, gather everybody together and read the words aloud in a naughty way. There should be something like “ooh”, “wow” or “ahh! That’s tiny”. Tell the guests that these are the words which the bride will tell her groom on the wedding night.

Bedroom words

3.    The first kiss

Ask every guest to tell their first kiss story. The bride should start, and then others will tell their stories. Also, to make the game even funnier, ask guests to tell also about their worst kiss.  In the end, everybody should vote for the best story.

The first kiss

4.    The love story

This is the funniest game which will involve even the shyest guests because it is anonymous to some extent. The idea of it is that everyone will take part in creating the love story of bride and groom. Prepare paper and pen beforehand.

You or another host should begin by writing the first line on the paper describing the situation how the couple met, for example: “Adankwo and Ikechukwu met in the restaurant.” Then give the paper to the next player who writes the line to follow the first one and folds the paper over so the next player will not see what she has written.  The next player does the same.   In the end, the host should read the final version aloud for others.

 The love story

5.    Who has the best intuition?

Print the list of the famous Nigerian celebrity couples. Give the list every guest who wishes to participate and let them guess which couple is married and which is not. The winner is the guest who has more correct answers than others.

You also can use the list with famous American celebrities which you can download here

bridal shower the best

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6.    Memory book

This is the loveliest game which bride will definitely like. Create a memory book or just buy the album for photos. Ask the guest to bring the funniest photos with the bride to the party or just set up the area where you will take pictures of the guests and bride.

Memory book

Give every guest a special card where they will write special memories which they have with the bride, wish something or give advice.  You can download his cards here. Then you should insert these wish cards and the photos to the memory book and present it to the bride.

Memory book

7.    Lingerie game

This idea suits best only for lingerie party or where only the closest friends of the bride are gathered. Ask every guest to bring lingerie gift for the bride, which matches their style and personality. Choose the moment when the bride is not watching and hang lingerie around the room.

When everything is ready, invite her to that room and let her guess who brought the gift. This is also excellent game if you want to please the bride because she will have new panty wardrobe.

Lingerie game

8.     The wedding test

This thematic game will check the knowledge of wedding of each guest. You need to do some preparation beforehand. Find out interesting wedding facts and form the questions or just find out ready questions on the Internet.

If there are many guests, you can divide them into two teams and give the points to each team. If there are not a lot of guests, give points to every individual. The winner should get most correct answers.

The wedding test

9.    Bracelet Shakedown

 If you want to make all guests engaged, then this game is the best choice. Prepare before by making a list of wedding words which are usually used such as “bride” , “groom”, “wedding” ,”dress” etc.  When the guests come you should give each of them the note with forbidden words and special bracelet, which you can buy or make by yourself. Also tell guests the rules of the game. If someone hears another person saying a word on the list during the party, she should take the bracelet of that person. At the end of the day, the person who has more bracelets gets the price.

Bracelet Shakedown

10.    Read his mind

You, as a host, should prepare for the game before hand, it will take just a little time. You should test the knowledge of the couple about each other in order to prove that they are really prefect match. Prepare twenty revealing questions to ask the groom about his plans, some facts of the relationship and himself. Film the groom answering these questions. If you planning the wedding party, where both bride and groom will be presented, ask the bride some questions too.

Read his mind

You can ask different types of questions. These ones definitely should be on the list: “When have you understood that she was the Love of your life?” and “If you would burn one thing from the clothes of your loved one, what it would be?”

Read his mind

Then during the party gather all guests and ask the bride these questions, so she will try to guess the answer of her future husband. When she answers one question, play the video response of the groom. It will be really fun! Moreover, if the bride answers wrong, give her one bubblegum to chew. The more wrong answers she has, the more gums she gets. As a result, the bride will experience huge difficulties when she talks.

We wish you to have the best bridal party! Have fun and enjoy!

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