What are the funniest Google suggest results?

Get ready to have some fun! Here you will find the best google suggest results and the way it works!

google suggest

Nowadays modern technologies make it possible for us to look for any information we want as fast as a lightning. Google search is the most popular way of typing in your information and getting a quick answer to your question.

It is very convenient and economizes our time a lot while doing our school or work projects. But as we use it just for fun, we can sometimes want to know something for our personal use.

Therefore, if we read what the other users were looking for, we will be shocked by the Google suggestion search.

Some people ask very weird and even unhealthy stuff which they would have probably never asked anyone in the real life. Are those Google suggestions funny? They certainly are!

google suggest

You can find a lot of screenshots of those in the Internet. Moreover, you can look it yourself via Google.

There are some reasons why you might be interesting in checking out the Google suggestion results.

First of all, this way you will find out what most of the people who have access to Internet want to know about and what they have absolutely no knowledge of.

What is more, you will have a better mood in 5 minutes after reading as you will see that people have really strange questions.

What is it? How does it work?

Google Suggest is a very convenient feature that was introduced by Google to make your searches easier.

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This way if you start typing some topic you need to find information about but you are not sure what exactly you need, Google Suggest can easily help you.

As you type there will appear a box that will show you the possible options you can choose from.

The best Google Suggest results

google suggest

Be careful! You might burst out laughing while reading the funniest Google Suggest results in the Internet.

Is this old lady dead?

If you type “is” in the Google Suggest box you will see that most of the questions starting with this word are basically asking if a particular person is still alive or already dead.

It wouldn’t be so surprising if there were some unknown people or old forgotten celebrities. However, people tend to ask that about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. But isn’t it a well-known fact who is dead and who is still alive?

Really strange questions

There are also those questions that you never would have thought to ask, but luckily Google have you covered.  Do you dare press return and find out the answers?

A lot of people would ask inappropriate questions just because they don’t have anyone to discuss all of that intimate stuff with. Perhaps they are embarrassed too. That’s why they ask Google to find out the answers.

The funniest one is “Why do I love feet?”

That’s a really good thing that you can’t find out where the questions come from.

The people would have been way too ashamed and we would have to spend half of our lives in courts trying to prove that we didn’t mean anything bad.

If you feel intrigued and you have never paid attention to this box down your search, try it now! Just start typing something you want to know and you will see what Google thinks you are trying to look for.

google suggest

This feature is not that new and we all are familiar with it. It was made in 2008 to make the life of the Google user more convenient. Eight years ago the whole thing looked and worked completely different from now.

It would only give you the answers if your search matched the search of the previous searches. Moreover, you had a choice to turn it off if you didn’t find it necessary while using Google.

It was a huge step which made Google officially even more successful and progressive company. What is more, this option attracted a lot more users than before.

This feature was modified a few times every year and right now we don’t imagine Internet without it.

Right now we call it Google Instant and it controls every word and even letter that we’re typing. It makes sure that we don’t make mistakes and offers us the best matching results.

You can also turn this function off if you don’t find it necessary.

The system how Google Suggest works is simple to explain. You don’t have to wait for the matching results – all the similar words and topics appear at that very second that you type.

google suggest

Moreover, if you accidentally make mistakes, Google recognizes it and tries to correct it. It will ask “Did you mean?” and show you the results of the same subject but without typos.

Google Suggest works with just one word too. For example, if you start writing “French” it will give you the options such as “French cuisine” or “French movies”.

Moreover, if you start typing the first letters of the word, you will also see the suggestions in the box under your Google Search. For example, if you write “comp” Google will most likely show you “computer” in the first line.

You can easily choose any of the options suggested by clicking.

Not all results are the same for every single user as they have different computers, locations and languages!

Sometimes Google Suggest will show you some of you recent searches too.

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