What are the most popular Hausa films?

Tired of English language movies? Want to see something authentic and atmospheric? Here is the list of the most popular Hausa movies!

Hausa movies are the largest film industry in Northern Nigeria, they are widely popular in Kano.

There are not a lot of movies filmed in the language of locals that is why Hausa cinema is extremely popular in Nigeria. There is another name for it – Kannywood. This name is derived from American realias. It`s a combination of Kano and Hollywood in one name.

So let`s see what are the most popular and outstanding hausa movies 2016 and who are the coolest hausa film stars.

Halisa (2016)

Halisa was just simple, very poor and helpless women. But one day fortune smiled on her and she meets a tricycle rider. He helped her to reunite with her real family. Actors who are starring in this hausa movie are: Maryam Booth, Jamila Umar, Ali Nuhu and Zahraddeen Sani.

Oga abuja – Nollywood Hausa Movie (2013)

This movie is not so recent as a previous one but it is definitely worth of your attention.

It is one of the most appreciated comedy drama of Kannywood-Nollywood.  Such prominent actors as John Okafor (Mr. Ibu), Ali Nuhu, Aina'U Ade, Fati Musa,  Uzee Usman, Rabilu Musa (Dan Ibro), Aina'U Ade, Fati Musa, Uzee Usman made their contribution to make this film extraordinary. In this movie we observe a perfect combination of Kannywood and Nollywood actors. Rabilu Musa (nickname Dan Ibro) and Nollywood’s John Okafor ( pseudonym Mr. Ibu) are starring here. It was a very successful collaboration of Nollywood and Kannywood.

Gabar Cikin Gida

What is special in this movie? It stands out due to its very unusual choice location and beautiful costumes. Do not miss such a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the film and watch it! Besides, such outstanding and talented actors are starring here: Sani Danja and the actor who recently won in the Kannywood category the best actor award – Yakubu Mohammad

Karshen Mujadala (2016)

It is one of the latest Nigerian Hausa movies. If you are real fan of Hausa movies it is must watch for you do not lose the chance to enjoy it! The main hero of this movie is hot and sexy macho man. Every woman wants to attract him and become his wife. But only he is the one who decides? Who will be next choice among all these pretty creatures?

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Ni dake mun dace (2013)

The director of this movie is Ali Nuhu, who is considered to be the most successful star in the whole North Nigeria. It will be highly appreciated by the audience who like blockbuster movies.  The  Ali Nuhu`s creative approach made this movie special. He considered every small detail in the movie characters.

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