What does your finger shape say about you?

We have prepared a simple test that will help you to know a little more about yourself, your loved ones and even strangers just by looking at the fingers.


Palmistry is a science which tells about the identity and fate of a person by the palm lines. It is very popular in our time, but few people know that she has a "cousin" — chirognomy that defines a person's character by the shape of the hands and the size, shape and structure of the fingers. It is associated with the influence of heredity on the character of a person.

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Look at the photo and pick a finger!


A. The straight finger. If your finger shape looks like the A picture, then, most likely, you’re a secretive person. You don't like to talk about your plans and dreams with anyone. You can tell such information only to the closest people. You have a big heart, and you’re ready to sacrifice yourself, if necessary. As a rule, people with this form of fingers are honest and nice. Besides, they have a great sense of humor!

B. The pointed finger. Is the shape of your fingers is most similar to the picture B? Most likely, you are not very confident, but if you really like something, then nothing can stop you. It can be tough for you to communicate with strangers, but you are willing to devote all the free time to your loved ones. Of course, they appreciate and respect you! You are a strong person, who deals with any situation with honor and everyone envies your persistence!

C. The big knuckled finger. If the finger shape you have matches the picture C, then you are a true peaceful angel, and you help people find balance in life. Also, you tend to be emotional and have easy attitude to everything you do, the qualities that not many people have in our time. You are a person with fine mental organization. The happiness of all people around is very important for you. You have good artistic taste and high intellectual abilities.

Another way to learn more about your character is to look at your hand and compare the length of index and ring fingers.

test 2

A. Index finger is shorter than ring finger. Such people are most often very attractive, pleasant and charismatic. They are bold, risk-averse and can easily cope with emerging problems. In addition, one of their special qualities is the ability to be compassionate and to empathize with the interlocutor. They can be excellent engineers, scientists and masters of solving crossword puzzles.

B. Index finger is longer than ring finger. These people are often confident and self-sufficient. They enjoy their own company and really do not like others to bother them for nothing. They are not one of those people who will take the first step, whether it’s a new business or relationship. However, they appreciate the attention and graciously accept compliments.

C. Index and ring finger are the same length. People with such fingers are peace-loving, good-natured and do not like conflict. They are very organized in life and get along with everyone. Such people are faithful in relations and devoted to their work. However, be careful, because they have a small fire inside which can easily become bigger. Always be on their side.

fingers 2

So, did you enjoy these small personality tests? Although they may be true in many ways, they cannot define you. If you don’t agree with the character traits described in these tests, just don’t care and go on with your life! Alternatively, try to develop the positive sides of your character and work on get rid of the negative ones.

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