What good films apart from Star Wars has John Boyega played in?

The famous Star Wars: Episode VII brought John Boyega back on the stage. He now has thousands of fans and they wonder what other films he starred at. Here is a list of them.

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The news that John Boyega would play Finn in Star Wars only broke in April 2014. Before that time he only associated with his characters in other movies. Among them Attack the Block and Da Brick. Of course, these are not his only characters, so learn more about them and you will love Boyega even more.

His acting life began in his early childhood. As a kid, he joined local theatrical club; that’ s when he fell in love with theatre and acting. His parent, Nigerian immigrants, really wanted him to follow his father’s lead and become a church minister. Nevertheless, after he was first introduced to acting, he could not think of any other career. His very first role ever was that of a leopard at a school play.

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His parents say that John got so excited about being in the play that he made his own research on leopards, their lifestyle and said that he needed to really know the animal to play it. So when the opening came, he was all realistic and passionate about his role.

John Boyega claims that his real breakthrough in acting was when he played Othello while still in College.

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After graduating from the university he was offered his first big role in a movie. That first movie with Boyega was called Attack the Block (2011). Later he also starred in one drama; however, it was never picked up and only a few series were broadcasted.

John Boyega attack the block

One of the most significant roles for Boyega was one in the movie called Half of a Yellow Sun which was dedicated to the civil war in Nigeria as well as the one in the Imperial Dreams where he played an ex-prisoner that was released from prison and trying to deal with his life now.

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Boyega imperial dreams

After Boyega won admiration of thousands of Star Wars fans, he was offered a role in an upcoming movie called The Circle where he would star together with Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. Way to go, John!

If you enjoyed his performance in Star Wars: Episode VII, make sure to watch other films featuring John Boyega. And you will definitely love him, as he is obviously doing what he loves and loves what he is doing!

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