What Hollywood movies were shot in Nigeria?

In 2016, the Nigerian film market was estimated at $ 3 billion. Nollywood (similar to Hollywood and Bollywood) produces about 1,000 films a year.


These films are watched in the whole Africa, and producers started to spread films on the international market in recent years. However, there are many problems: low budgets (the average production of one film is worth $ 15 000), the piracy, as well as economic and political instability in the country.

"Nollywood has grown out of frustration, poverty and crisis in the late '80s and early' 90s, when the city was flooded with thugs. People were afraid to go out onto the streets, because of this, many theaters were closed. Nigerians began to tell their own stories, to cope with boredom and just to occupy themselves with something.

Year of foundation Nollywood is considered to be 1992, when the salesman of electronics Kenneth Nnebue made a film for a month with a budget of $ 12 000. The film, "Life in the slum" told the story of a drug addict, who has entered into a secret sect. In the story, he had killed his wife and sacrificed her, and as a reward received great wealth, but his wife's ghost haunted him until his death. The film had a million copies, and then Nigerians have realized that power is not in the budget, but in the story, and they began to shoot their films.


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Now Nollywood is the industry that provides jobs for over a million Nigerians. The country's population is more than 173 million people, while the unemployment rate held at 50%, the majority is working in agriculture.

In 2009, Nollywood bypassed Hollywood by the number of released films and took second place in the global film industry. Thereby Nigeria surpassed South Africa and became one of the strongest economies in Africa.


Nevertheless, there exists such a tendency that Hollywood shot movies in Nigeria, and we would like to represent you a list of films that have been created in this African country. They somehow reveal the life in Nigeria, follow us and try to watch them:

  • Capitan America – Civil War
  • Sahara
  • Mister Johnson
  • Sanders Of The River
  • The Cursed Ones
  • Tears Of The Sun
  • Phat Girlz
  • X-Men – Origins (The Wolverine)
  • Lost (Series)
  • Critical Assignment
  • The Bourne Identity
  • Sugar Hill

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