What is the Falz updates on Soldier? - A love story clip in original format

Find out the must read news on Rapper Falz and Simi in his song Soldier.

Famous Nigerian rapper Falz released the video shot on his well-known song named Soldier. This video is similar to the short movie, which tells a story about love. The rapper invited the singer Simi and the popular actor D. Okanlawon on shootings. The audience and Internet users saw the clip on March 13.

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Soldier is one of the most well-known songs of the performer, loved by great amount of listeners.

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Upfront a clip premiere, Falz produced several trailers of the video, on which it was clear that story would occur around the guy, who is in public service, and the girl. S. Ogunleye, who is known thanks to the hit "Jamb Question", took part in it.

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The clip duration is 14 minutes. The man arrives to the small town and fall in love with the charming girl. But she doesn't reciprocate to him. Her mother is incited against the guy and doesn't believe that he is a real soldier, because he treats this work too passionlessly. The woman tells him to leave the city. The character leaves, and the girl understands that he is pleasant to her. Meanwhile, people came to the city and take all the population as hostages. They call the soldier and speak to him that he has to arrive and rescue the girl. On this moment, the clip is interrupted. To be continued.

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