Which Do U Prefer?


House Wife

House Wife:  Welcome Dear, how was the office today?

Husband :    Fine o jare.  How are my kids?

House Wife:  They are asleep already.  Change your clothes while I get your bath water ready.

(10 minutes later)

House Wife:  Dinner is ready oooooooo. (She sit down and watch the husband eat, waiting for compliment).

House Wife:  The landlord was here today.

Husband:  (stop eating) for what again?  I have paid the house rent ke!

House Wife:  He brought the bills for PHCN, LAWMA, Security, Water and Sanitation.  Iya Agba too phoned that she needs money for that medicine we promised her last month.  Mama Kemi brought the Ankara material for her father’s burial.  Its N5,000 for 6 yards.  We don’t seem to have enough foodstuffs again ooooooooo.

Husband:  (Grunts)

House Wife:  Ehen, you promised to give me the money for my cream yesterday.  Junior’s food is finished oooooooooooo.  I want to do my hair tomorrow ooooooooooo to enable me attend Iya Kofo daughter’s naming ceremony.  I will need some pocket money as well.  Even though I don’t have a shoe that will match the colour of the lace material, I will manage the black one any way.

Husband:  (begin to cough)

House wife:   Oh Sorry Dear!  (Rushes to get cold water from the fridge).  The devil is a liar!  Sorry Darling!  Let me get you a pack of juice.

Husband:  I am very tired Dear, I am going to bed,   We will talk about this tomorrow.

House Wife:  Ok, I will join you later.  I want to watch this film on TV.  Galaxy showed part 1 yesterday, and part 2 will be on soon.

Husband:  (Staggered to bed full of anxiety, with no idea on how to meet up with these entire financial obligation)


Career Wife:  (Gets back from work)  Ekaete!  Ekaete!!!  Ekaete!!!  Where is this useless girl self?

Ekaete : Yes MADAM!  Welcome Ma.  I de come.  I been de attend to the children.  Dem don sleep just now.

Career Wife:  Ok, get  those things from my car  for me right away, and get my bath water ready.  Set the dinner very snappy.  By the way, is Tunde back from work yet? 

Ekaete : Che Oga?  E nefa come back yet oooo.   He been phone say na pounded yam im wan chop for dinner and I don prepare am plus the rice wey you wan chop self.  But dem junior na egg and yam dem request for.

(10 minutes later)

Ekaete:  Madam, de money you gif me to pay for junior dem school fees, na de receipt be dis.  I don go buy the bags of rice, beans, garri, sugar, salt, semo, turkey and fish.  I even go to Mile 12 for Ketu to buy the yams, cassava, onion, pepper, vegetable, fruits and meat.

Career Wife:  Ok. Did Tunde give you the money to pay the bills for PHCN, LAWMA, Security, Water and Sanitation? 

Ekaete:  yes Madam!  He even gif me money to pay for the house rent for landlord account.  He gif Garba money to buy one drum of diesel for the generator, to service the generator, fill the gas.  E don pay my salary and Garba own.   

(Tunde enters)

Husband:Ah! Bridget, you are back already.  The Traffic today is disastrous!

Career Wife:  Is that so?

Ekaete:  Oga Welcome Sir!  Let me get your bath ready while you change your cloth.  I don prepare your favourite meal as requested.

Husband:  Oh that’s great, Ekaete

Career wife:   OooooPh, I am going to bed.  I got to be at the airport early to catch the first flight to Abuja tomorrow.

Husband:  I will join you later.  Got to watch the match between LIVERPOOL AND CHELSEA.

Ekaete:  Oga, your dinner is set. (She disappeared into the kitchen)

Husband:  (Eats his dinner alone without a companion).

Which do u prefer?

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In short you are asking what kind of woman a , man would prefer? A nurturing one versus a helping hand! Hmmm, Thats hard!


Both has one advantage or the other over another but I more prefer House wife attribute than career  wife. I need somebody who will take care of my house and children.

Career wife ke?   I am not a lazy  man by God grace.

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