Who Do You Think You Are?

There is this boy who can't speak good english but he understands.One day, his teacher said to him,Johnny by tommorow morning, make sure u learn 3 words we can use in a conversation.

On his way, he heard some guys arguing and one of them said "shut up"! He registered that in his mind.

When he got home, he was watching a guiness advert, and heard someone say "Micheal Power".

He heard his father say to his mother "ladies first" on thier way out of the house.

When he got to school the next morning, the following conversation took place between him and his teacher;

Teacher: Johnny, what have u learnt so far?

Johnny: shut up!

Teacher: who do u think you are to tell me shut up?

Johnny: Micheal Power

Teacher: Alright, get out of my class

Johnny: Ladies first!!!!!!

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Well who is the kid to be blamed? that was what the teacher ordered and she got served well enough


Haha, Serves her right!

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