Who is Juliet Ibrahim?

Who is Juliet Ibrahim? What films she is famous for? Learn from this article.

Who is Juliet Ibrahim?

who is juliet ibrahim

Some people don’t’ even known who is Juliet Ibrahim. She is an actress, producer and singer.

How old is Juliet Ibrahim?

The actress was born in March, 1986. She is 30 years old.

Juilet Ibrahim biography

Juliet Ibrahim biography

She was born in Ghana. The girl was the first child in family. In addition, she has two sisters and brother. The most part of the childhood the girl has spent in Lebanon, as there was a war in Liberia. 

She got school education there. Soon the teenager left on Ivory Coast with parents to get secondary education. Later the actress has returned to Ghana. Entering the University was the purpose of her visit. She entered the Higher School of Foreign Languages. The girl learned English, French and Spanish. Then she got second higher education of the journalist. Advertising and marketing became her profile. In 2005 her film career began.

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juliet ibrahim husband

Juliet Ibrahim movies

Crime to Christ became the debut film of the actress. In addition, it was her leading role. Then she took part in Nollywood ‘Yankee Boys’. In 2014 she has created the first movie 'Number One Fan'. She plays a major role there. The second author's movie of actress appeared in December, 2014.

The woman is also a creator of series 'Every Woman Has a Story' and the reality show 'The Perfect Assistant'. It will be presented soon.

In total actress has taken part more than in 50 movies.  She was awarded with Ghana Movie, City People Magazine and other prizes for many times.

how old is juliet ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim husband

Now the actress is divorced. Kwadwo Safo was her husband. The woman admitted that this marriage was a mistake. She has married the man because she has become pregnant from him. But his family never approved this union.

Juliet Ibrahim baby

The actress has one son from this marriage. The woman said that it was her big dream and now she is happy to be a mother.


With this article, I learned about this wonderful actress, her insane talent. What is done, all the girls probably want to be like her. To this all very beautiful. Well done, it is achieved such success may not every woman, and she was able to overcome all difficulties and to go into the world of cinema. Men probably crazy about her figure, she is really the epitome of beauty. Although she had a difficult childhood, seen war, it is very scary. I will now follow the life of this beautiful woman, thank you for the wonderful article.

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