Who is Kehlani?

Learn about the Kehlani biography and find out the latest news on this R&B singer from USA.

Kehlani’s How that taste lyrics became a hit in many charts. Let’s learn some facts and news about this popular R&B singer.

Kehlani’s How that taste lyrics

Kehlani biography

Kehlani was born in Oakland, the USA. The singer has Indian and Latin American roots. The girl lived in a dysfunctional family. Her father died at early age, and mother was constantly imprisoned. Therefore, she was brought up by the aunt.

Kehlani’s news

The singer attended school of arts. Initially she planned to become a dancer. Unfortunately, the girl injured a knee and has lost an opportunity to take dancing lessons. Therefore, she began to pay attention to music. The girl was interested in R&B. In 14 years, she was admitted to PopLyfe group.

Soon she has left the group because of contradictions with organizers. Kehlani has a poor life. She had to steal food from supermarkets to survive. Several years later the singer has published the first solo song. In 2014, she let out a debut album, which entered a rating of 50 best plates.

Kehlani’s 2016

The second album was released in 2015. In 2016 the singer was nominated for the Grammy award, but didn't receive it.

Kehlani How that tastebecame the latest song of the singer.


The latest news

Recently Kehlani has been hospitalized after unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide. The reason for that was the publication of photo by her ex-boyfriend, on which it is possible to see the singer's hand. It has provoked a barrage of criticism towards the girl from Kerry Irving's fans, (he is Kehlani's boyfriend) who accused her of treason.

Kehlani’s How that taste

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From hospital, the girl has posted a photo in Instagram with the signature: "Today I wanted to leave this world and to behave selfishly for the first time. I never thought that I would come to it. Don't trust blogs, which you read. Nobody fool around anybody, I am not a bad person. To everyone it is painful. This is sheer misunderstanding. But today I had no desire to wake up tomorrow. God has rescued me, for some reason. And I have to be grateful to him for it, because I'm not in paradise meanwhile. Therefore: goodbye, Instagram". After a while, this publication has been removed.

Kehlani’s news 2016

It should be noted that the singer deleted all the publications on social networks. Recently the rnb singer has published a new photo. In the description, Kehlani told her fans that she is healthy and at home. The girl has expressed words of gratitude to all who understood and supported her.

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