Who is Laila?

Who is Laila? What is this Nigerian blogger interesting with?

Laila Ijeoma is Nigerian blogger, who makes her own website since January 2013. Laila blog touches upon all hot topics. She doesn't love gossips: only the most reliable information is provided to readers.

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The first posts were devoted to such subjects as: the richest African, Don Jazzy vs Olamide, star weddings, student's problems and so on. Time went, more and more interesting subjects appeared. Few years later Laila has made great progress in blogging. Some of her articles became more serious. For example, now she touches upon political subjects. Today her blog is one of the most popular entertaining websites of Nigeria.

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There are several Internet resources, on which the woman publishes her news. These are: official site, Twitter and Instagram.

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Of course, the website is in the greatest demand. There isn't big amount publications in her Instagram. But on Twitter the woman writes almost each hour. Nearly 10 thousand readers monitor publications of Laila.

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Uniqueness of her blog consists also in the fact that readers can offer their own news. Communication with auditory is always a good thing.

Private life of the blogger is rather confidential. We don’t even know how old is Laila. It is known only that she is a happy wife and mother of three children.


Bloggers work is also very difficult to be found? To truthful information, and constantly bіt in touch with your chitatelemi. Good, of course the first time I see a woman blogger, umnichka. The fact that she writes only truthful information it is certainly a big plus for her. Now I will monitor her the news, thank you for such an article, for what I have learned that there are bloggers who write the truth. Such people are now very few, because they all want to earn a lot of money Zsolt PR, and thus misrepresented people.

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