Who is Richard Mofe-Damijo?

Love Nollywood movies? Learn more about this icon Nollywood actor - Richard Mofe-Damijo and his biography.

If you are a fan of Nigerian actors, you must have heard about RMD or Richard Mofe Damijo. He is prominent not just for his acting, but also for political affairs. Let’s find out more about this outstanding man and his life.

Richard Mofe-Damijo

Richard Mofe-Damijo biography

Richard was born in 1961 in state of Delta. He finished Warri and Anglican Grammar School. There, he participated in the Drama Club. Then, he attended Midwest College. Mofe-Damijo continued his education at University of Benin, where he studies Theatre Arts. Soon after this, in 1997, he entered the University of Lagos to receive a diploma in law. RMD graduated in 2004.

Who is Richard Mofe-Damijo

Mofe-Damijo's career started soon after his graduation. He was invited for featuring in a TV soap opera titled Ripples. A bit earlies, he also worked as a reporter for the issues like Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine. In 2005, Richard became the Best Actor in a Leading Role during African Movie Academy Awards.

Richard Mofe-Damijo biography

As for his career in politics, he used to be a Culture and Tourism commissioner in his native Delta State.

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Richard Mofe Damijo and family

This wonderful actor was married to May Ellen Ezekiel. She was one of the greatest journalists. However, she died in 1996. Now Richard Mofe Damijo has five kids in total. Among them, there are four his biological ones. And one was adopted by the actor, when he married May Ellen Ezekiel.

Richard Mofe Damijo and family

Richard Mofe Damijo movies

You should know that he is really outstanding figure in Nigerian movie industry. Since 1997, he's starred in various movies almost every year. Besides, he cooperates with many other prominent Nollywood personalities. He has featured in more than 40 films by now and he isn't going to stop. This extremely talented actor deserves our praise and attention of the public.

Richard Mofe Damijo 2016

We will wait for the new movies featuring him to be released soon. His talent is unique and should keep surprising the audience.

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